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Bukas officially launches first PH campaign to help provide financial aid to more parents and students

Ang Bukas Mo, Sigurado: Bukas officially launches first PH campaign to help provide financial aid to more parents and students

This exchange has been repeated thrice in Bukas’ newest online video aptly entitled “Kulit.” The video shows a son following up on his mom to meet the deadline of his enrollment by the end of the week. His mom tries her best to have enough funds for his tuition by doing different income generating activities but still fails to meet the deadline. The son would then introduce Bukas. The video ends with the mother and son applying for a tuition installment plan, securing the tuition fee and his future. 

The son asks, “Ma, mag-enroll po ba ako?” to which the mom replies, “Bukas na, anak.” 

Ang Bukas Mo, Sigurado: Bukas officially launches first PH campaign to help provide financial aid to more parents and students

Despite its light tone, the video leaves a bit of twinge in the chest as we see the mom’s struggles and the son’s concern for his future yet understanding of the situation, reflected on his face every time he gets the same answer. 

Ang Bukas Mo, Sigurado: Bukas officially launches first PH campaign to help provide financial aid to more parents and students

This is the challenge faced by many Filipino parents who only desire to see their children attain a degree in hopes of having a better future. But with the economy taking a hit, resources to send children to school have become even more limited, with over 4 million students not enrolling in 2020. Driven by the desire to continuously send their children to school, parents resort to alternative financing options, but most of the available options are not always the best in the long run, and cater to only a limited set of borrowers with its conditions, namely:

●Government Loans and Scholarships: Long and competitive process, usually has a high maintaining grade requirement.
●Private Bank Loans: Requires collateral that the more financially challenged families may not have. Also has higher interest rates.
●Friends and Relatives and Loan Sharks: May have outrageous interest rates, comes with unforeseen complications due to its vague nature.

Having seen the opportunity to be a game-changer, the founders of Bukas developed the platform to extend real help to parents and students. Bukas, a tech-enabled education financing platform by its parent company ErudiFi, is offering an affordable, complementary solution that aims to empower Filipino families to build a better tomorrow through quality education. The offering is accessible to more families and students who are not able to rely on bank loans, credit cards, or scholarships. With the following offers, the platform strives to deliver its “Ang Bukas Mo, Sigurado'' promise:

●Up to 100% coverage from start to finish - Students can re-apply for additional tuition coverage every semester to make sure they can graduate.
●Interest rate lower than others - With a fixed monthly interest rate capped at 1.5% and payment installments up to 12 months, Bukas makes it sustainable to parents, and even to working students to manage their school finances. 
●Pay early, earn rebates - Students who want to fully pay the loan in less than 12 months can do so without any pre-termination fees. In fact, they will earn rebates because they will only be charged interest for the months they consumed.
●Convenient payment options - Students can pay their monthly dues via GCash, Bayad Center, Unionbank, or at thousands of bank and non-bank payment centers powered by Dragon Pay.

Bukas now has a total of 35 partner schools, with presence in 71 campuses, including Mapua University, Far Eastern University, Adamson University, Our Lady of Fatima University, PHINMA Education Network, University of Nueva Caceres, Centro Escolar University, Eskwelabs, De La Salle University, University of Asia and the Pacific to more specialized institutions like SoFA Design Institute, Enderun Colleges, Avion School, and Uplift Code Camp. 

“Ang laki ng naitulong ng Bukas sa pag-aaral ko dahil ang hirap talaga magbayad ng buo sa tuition fees lalo na sa panahon ngayon. So nagpapasalamat ako sa Bukas dahil meron silang tuition installment plan para sa aming mga students at dahil doon naabot ko ‘yung mga pangarap ko at nakapagtapos ako ng pag-aaral.” ~Hanna Grace Laud, an FEU graduate, expresses her gratitude for having discovered Bukas

Ang Bukas Mo, Sigurado: Bukas officially launches first PH campaign to help provide financial aid to more parents and students

“We are strongly committed to providing students access to quality education and pave a path towards a brighter future. By providing education-focused financial products, we hope to reduce the number of out-of-school youth, and build a more secure future for the next generation.” ~JR Emlano, Country Manager of Bukas. 

About ErudiFi
Founded in 2017, ErudiFi is a mission-driven technology company focused on making education affordable in Southeast Asia. Operating as Danacita in Indonesia and Bukas in the Philippines, ErudiFi has helped secure funding for thousands of financially underserved students through tech-enabled partnerships with leading universities and vocational schools in the region. By improving access to education, ErudiFi is driving generational transformation and helping to build a better tomorrow. For more information, please visit

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Mega Global celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day with successful Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, business updates and first-ever Mega Sardines Piso Sale

Mega Global celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day with successful Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, business updates and first-ever Mega Sardines Piso Sale. As the Philippines marks this year’s National Sardines Day, Mega Global Corporation, the company behind Mega Sardines, the leading sardines brand in the country, honors it through a program that supports undernourished children nationwide, even as it focuses on innovations and expansions that will help drive the company move forward. 

Mega Global Celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day
To add more meaning to the National Sardines Day Celebrations, Mega Global showcased its various initiatives that would help elevate not just the Philippines’ sardines industry, but the economy and people’s lives as well, at a roundtable event held on November 23 to kick off the celebration of the holiday on the 24th. Alongside this, it has also shared the successful results of the Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, which was done in partnership with Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP), reflecting its deep malasakit for Filipinos. 

With Mega Global’s executives: Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim Chan, Marylou Tiu Lim, and William Tiu Lim on November 23, 2021, 1:00 - 2:00 PM, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP), the official partner of Mega Global for its CSR program—Mega Bigay Sustansya. Know more about the results of Mega Global's innovation for its flagship product, sardines, its CSR effort Mega Bigay Sustansya, as well as brand updates, and other pertinent information through this exclusive event.

Host Shawn Yao with Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim-Chan, Chris Fernandez, executives of the Mega Global conglomerate, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines were the speakers for the event, who discussed Mega Global's innovation for its flagship product, sardines, its CSR effort Mega Bigay Sustansya, as well as brand updates, and other pertinent information

With successful Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, business updates and first-ever Mega Sardines Piso Sale. As the Philippines marks this year’s National Sardines Day, Mega Global Corporation, the company behind Mega Sardines, the leading sardines brand in the country, honors it through a program that supports undernourished children nationwide, even as it focuses on innovations and expansions that will help drive the company move forward. 

Mega Global Celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day

To add more meaning to the National Sardines Day Celebrations, Mega Global showcased its various initiatives that would help elevate not just the Philippines’ sardines industry, but the economy and people’s lives as well, at a roundtable event held on November 23 to kick off the celebration of the holiday on the 24th. Alongside this, it has also shared the successful results of the Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, which was done in partnership with Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP), reflecting its deep malasakit for Filipinos. 

Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim-Chan, Chris Fernandez, executives of the Mega Global conglomerate, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines were present in the event to discuss how the Mega Bigay Sustansya program will bring long-term gains to its program beneficiaries.

Mega Bigay Sustansya (MBS) is a CSR program led by the Mega Tiu Lim Foundation that hopes to give a meal planning and distribution program to over 881 children nationwide. The program has supported children in six provinces nationwide for sixty days. Children ages 4 to 12 have received house-to-house delivery of meals every day that included at least one sardines meal, made using Mega Global’s nutrient-packed high quality sardines.

“Mega Bigay Sustansya is one way for us to support communities who need us the most. Canned sardines is one of the Filipinos staple foods throughout the years and through this program that target to feed malnourished children all over the country, we hope to use the same staple product to nurture the health of these children, and sustain it through leave-behind materials that will help them prepare nutritious meals in the long run.” ~Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer of Mega Global

On top of the updates on Mega Global’s MBS program, Mega Global executives have also shared in the discussion how they strived to continue elevating the sardine industry through innovations and the building of new infrastructures. These expansions would maintain the double digit growth of the company in 2022, allow it to create a more sustainable avenue in producing their products, as well as create new products that will surely be a hit to its customers. 

For the past 46 years, Mega Global has been leading the way in supporting Filipino communities through its investments in the sardine industry, which has provided job opportunities for thousands of Filipinos. The company continued to upgrade its Zamboanga facility, where its state-of-the-art operations, including its can-making plant and offices, are based. As part of its sustainability endeavors, it is using solar energy for its warehouses. 

Mega Global also discussed details about a new plant in Batangas that will be opened next year. Located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, it will house state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing using sustainable energy sources and is expected to help add dynamism to the economy as it continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Mega SardinaSaya: Game Show Bonanza
On November 24, Mega Global will also be celebrating the National Sardines Day with an online game show bonanza. Kicking this off is an Instagram and Facebook challenge that will determine the players for the much-awaited Pera or Sardinas game during the online event which will be broadcasted live on Mega Sardines’s Facebook page and Shopee app. 

The game show bonanza will have three major segments representing the tagline of Mega Sardines: Sarap, Saya and Sustansya. For the Sarap segment, Mega Sardines’ ambassadress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo will do a cooking demo that will serve as an introduction of new dishes that mommies can easily create for their loved ones. 

For the Sustansya segment, the audience can learn about the Mega Bigay Sustansya program, the company’s nationwide feeding program being undertaken in communities around the country with the help of its partner, Reach Out Philippines Foundation.

Lastly, there will be a series of virtual games for the Saya segment where fun games such as Pera or Sardinas, Call A Ka-Mega, and Trivia Game will be available for the audience to participate in. There will also be a grand raffle, where they have the chance to take home a wide selection of prizes.

For added fun, Mega Sardines is launching a Tiktok Challenge where participants can show off their moves and have some fun in the process of creating videos to win prizes. Mega Sardines is also holding an eye-popping piso sale in Shopee for Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Tomato Sauce with Chili Added, Corned Sardines, and Mega Fried Sardines in Tausi--definitely a sale that will have customers rushing to add to cart!

Get ready to join and have fun on National Sardines Day with Mega Global! Check out Mega Sardines’s Facebook page for more information. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

All Sogo Staff Fully Vaccinated

All Sogo Staff Fully Vaccinated

Hotel Sogo management is committed to their employees' welfare. Hotel Sogo's New Normal campaign with the theme "We are fully vaccinated, Para kayo ay ProtekTODO" Hotel Sogo's New Normal campaign promotes that all Hotel Sogo staff have completed two jabs of vaccine to secure the safety of its guests as early as July 2021.  

All Sogo Staff Fully Vaccinated

All Sogo Staff Fully Vaccinated

"We have 41 branches nationwide and five more upcoming branches. There are thousands of employees working in all our hotels, and their safety is important to protect our guests. We are really grateful that our staff is fully vaccinated. I can say that the 11 anti-Covid innovations that we installed in our hotels with hotel staff that is fully vaccinated, we are sure that our family and friends are safe to stay at Hotel Sogo.~Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Marketing Manager

All Sogo Staff Fully Vaccinated

Hotel Sogo management is committed to their employees' welfare. They also believe that getting the vaccine is a simple way to bring us closer to life, feeling normal again and worry-free. Hotel Sogo takes care of their staff as a family as well as their guests. 

 All Sogo Staff Fully Vaccinated

Indeed, Hotel Sogo is So Clean… So Good… So Safe.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Mickey & Minnie Mouse goes local with ‘Mickey Go Philippines’ at SM Supermalls!

Disney’s most-loved iconic characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse have delighted the hearts of many across decades, and this year SM Supermalls and Disney have teamed up to launch the Mickey Go Philippines collection at The SM Store, featuring a range of merchandise with a Pinoy twist! What’s more, SM and Disney have planned a surprise virtual party for Mickey and Minnie on their birthday this November 27, and we’re expecting you to join us!

Be among the first to get exclusive Mickey Go PH merchandise! Get first dibs on adorable Mickey and Minnie collectibles from clothes and footwear to tote bags, pillows, tumblers, kitchen appliances, and more! Mickey Go PH and Mickey & Minnie classic merchandise will be available at the live selling events on:
  • November 18 at 1pm-2m via Toy Kingdom’s official Facebook page
  • November 24 at 1pm -2pm via The SM Store’s official Facebook page 

Join Mickey & Minnie’s first virtual surprise birthday party! After you’ve shopped to your heart’s content during the live-selling events on Facebook, or at participating SM Store branches, you will automatically get a code to enter the virtual surprise birthday party on November 27. All you need is a minimum of PHP 500 single-receipt purchase of Mickey Go PH or Mickey Mouse Classic merchandise in any participating The SM Store (Character Shop, Kids’ Wear, Boy’s Teens Wear, Girl’s Teens Wear, Kids’ Shoes, Baby Company & Toy Kingdom Express) or Toy Kingdom outlet. 

To join, simply scan the QR code to register from November 23-25. A confirmation email or SMS from SM Supermalls with the website link and passcode will be sent to you to join Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Birthday Party! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this big day filled with fun games, activities, and surprises!

Help Plan Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Birthday Party! Join us as we secretly plan for Mickey and Minnie’s party! Don’t spoil the fun okay? There are lots of games and prizes to be won! Kids will also get the chance to greet both of them and create their very own birthday card which they will be making during the event! Mickey and Minnie will surely appreciate the sweet gesture! After all the fun and games, it’s time to meet & greet Minnie, so get ready to strike a pose. Mickey and Minnie are excited to meet their Filipino fans! 

It’s going to be one special and memorable surprise birthday party for Mickey and Minnie, and we want you and your kids to join us! It’s time to bring back the nostalgia and relive your favorite childhood memories with Mickey & Minnie by celebrating their birthday only at SM Supermalls!

SM implements strict #SafeMallingAtSM protocols nationwide and offers an equally convenient online shopping option with the SM Malls Online app on the Google Play or App Store. For more information, visit and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pick.A.Roo jons forces with Mayani, doubles down on organic fresh finds

Riding on the wave of an ultra fast-growing Internet economy in the Philippines, the Megaworld-backed lifestyle delivery app Pick.A.Roo creates a formidable team-up with leading agriculture technology platform Mayani in their shared bid of providing on-demand more organic produce at fresher quality to the health-conscious market.

Gonzalez further remarked that they want their customers to discover a new way of eating healthy through a wide range of organic alternatives, as well as a healthy category for customers to purchase from the comfort of their homes.
“We partnered up with Mayani because our goal and initiatives are aligned when it comes to promoting local farmers and offering local organic produce. Our mission is to support local businesses and help expand their e-channels thru our app.” ~Crystabelle Anne Gonzalez, the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Pick.A.Roo

Mayani, who has developed a grassroots network of over 72,300 smallholder farmers from Batanes to Batangas, is a leader in the farm-to-table space with a wide multi-category agri-assortment, including its core organic produce segment. Backed by Silicon Valley venture firm AgFunder and Asian family conglomerates, it has also secured key partnerships with the likes of the Department of Trade & Industry to bridge rural farmers to the urban market – a feat that includes its last-mile channel collaboration with Pick.A.Roo.

“We are very bullish in our outlook for on-demand fresh finds, especially organic ones. This strategic alliance ups our game even more as we take on that growing need of the market for locally-grown food amidst a fast-lifestyle.” ~Josef Amarra, Mayani’s Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

The team-up combines these forerunners’ strengths not just of operational capability from harvest to delivery, but also of their extensive marketing channels for special promos bringing delight to the moms, health buffs, home kitchen leaders. A 20% offer is up until November 19 with next-day organic finds delivery available from Mayani via the Pick.A.Roo app.

According to Pick.A.Roo, their November this year boasts of over 1,300 best of the best and most loved food, shop, and grocery brands with over 200,000 SKUs to choose from. They now have the longest delivery coverage covering 21 cities across NCR, Cavite, Batangas, Pampanga and many more.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Cleen and Green, the Eco-friendly Cleaning Service


Mabel Amante-Villena and husband, Papillon Villena - the Villena's aspiring business entrepreneurs are first and foremost dutiful parents who strive to always nurture their son in the safest space possible. Accustomed to a standard level of cleanliness, they became aware, while visiting their home in the Philippines, of the need to create a service lacking in Batangas. The incident happened when Mabel's husband had an allergic reaction to dust and pollen in the surroundings. Concerned for her family, she suddenly realized that a cleaning service was needed which could provide the people with professional quality cleaning. Thus, they created a service like no other before-one that fully gives importance to kid and pet safety and  those with sensitivities and allergies all while being completely environment-friendly. They then discovered a plant-based cleaning solution that is made from neem  which is known for its antimicrobial, antiparasitic and anti-viral benefits.

Their vision was materialized as what we now know as Cleen and Green, the eco-friendly cleaning service, and which we also love today. Cleen and Green has impressed everyone with their advanced use of plant-based, non-toxic, non-chemical cleaning solutions, modern cleaning technology and very efficient cleaners that can manage from ceiling, wall to floor. They are also known for doing high ceiling cleaning because of their professional cleaners with complete cleaning tools including scaffoldings and high ladders. Cleen and Green has brought great development to the community since its inception and has inspired all with their mission towards greatness. This company has now become a force of nature in the industry pushing beyond expectations and advancing to new territories. Starting out with their home with only three cleaners, now they have grown to a good number of cleaners currently assigned to four different locations (Lipa, Cavite, Laguna and Quezon City) in a span of just one year. Their advancement is clear, as well as their innovative franchise model, actively partnering with overseas Filipinos.  It leads us now to wonder how much bigger will the success be for C&G in the near future. Check their website and social media channel links below: 

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Mega Prime and Prime Mom Club help mothers have a Paskong Easy Sarap with its holiday workshop

There’s no better time to go all out in celebration than Christmas. With family members coming together to celebrate what is the most loved holiday of the year, our Prime Moms are always looking forward to making it the most memorable celebration ever. 

All over the world, it is known that the way we celebrate Christmas in the Philippines is truly unique, and some may say that Paskong Pinoy is the best. As such, we want to help make Filipino moms shine even brighter this season by going back to our roots by creating twists on well-loved Pinoy handa and decor. Mega Prime and Prime Mom Club made this happen by organizing the Paskong Easy Sarap workshop, which offered moms new recipes and a DIY holiday decor that will surely make for a memorable Christmas. 

Headlining the event is Mega Prime’s newest products Young Corn, Nata de Coco Ube, Melon and Pineapple, added into new and exciting recipes by some of our favorite Prime Moms-- Mommy Connh Cruz, Chef Rosebud, and Prime Mom Club’s honorary member and Mega Prime’s brand ambassador, Marian Rivera Dantes. With their help, moms can now add Ube Macapuno Coolers, Melon Nata Coolers, Mongolian Beef, and Tropical Fruit Ref Cake to their holiday menu. 

Stepping out of the kitchen for a bit, guests exchanged utensils for craft materials as they made their own parol with the help of workshop master, Ian Santos. Guests proudly showed off their finished stars to be hung at their homes, adding more to the holiday vibe. 

Truly an afternoon of fun, guests were treated to some fun games and exciting prizes as they took an afternoon off from their homemaking duties, and enjoyed the company of their fellow moms. 

Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global Chief Growth and Development Officer

“We formed the Prime Mom Club because we wanted to create a fun and enriching space where moms can bond with other moms, learn from each other, and at the same time have easy access to home and kitchen hacks that make their life a little easier. With the holiday season always being hectic, we hope that this workshop, along with our new Mega Prime products, lessen their stress and give them more time with family.” ~Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global Chief Growth and Development Officer

The Prime Mom Club has been an avenue for moms to improve their skills as homemakers. Combining information and education with interactive and engaging events, Prime Moms are given exclusive access to enriching activities featuring experts and celebrities to guide them. Be sure to sign up for the Prime Mom Club at to join the growing community of modern home-makers and receive exclusive information on future events and perks. For more information, be sure to follow megaprimequality on Facebook and Instagram


 Ho . . . . Ho . . . .Ho . . . Christmas is fast approaching and whatever kind of gatherings that we will have for the occasion, Gerry’s Grill AFFOURDABLES  is definitely here to complete the celebration. Enjoy & savor the taste of their meals seasoned with love & freshly prepared from their kitchen.

Three (3) great affordable set meals to choose from their AFFOURDABLES:

Have a hassle-free occasion this holiday season, plan ahead of time with Gerry’s Grill afFOURdables set meals.

Visit or call your nearest Gerry’s Grill  restaurant / For delivery, call them at 8332-1111 or order online via  Like them on Facebook and follow them on  Instagram.  For Gerry’s Grill franchising inquiries, please visit
*Gerry’s Grill AFFOURDABLES is available for dine –in , pick-up & delivery ( plus 5% service charge for dine-in) until December 31, 2021.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Araneta City brings the magic of Christmas to life with Giant Christmas Tree Lighting

The City of Firsts has officially signaled the beginning of its holiday celebration with the lighting of its iconic Giant Christmas Tree on November 11.

Decked with dazzling lights, colorful ornaments, and glittering tinsels, the Giant Christmas Tree situated at the Times Square Food Park in Araneta City was lit up in a grand celebration attended by local government officials, senior company executives, celebrities, and patrons with the theme ‘Believe in the Magic of Christmas’.

“We made sure to light up our Giant Christmas Tree in time for 11.11, which tradition says is a special date when anything you wish for can come true. It’s also our way of welcoming the return of our guests to the City of Firsts now that quarantine restrictions are starting to loosen up a bit. Even though we’re now welcoming guests of all ages, we’re still making it a point that all of our customers are safe through the health and safety measures that we’ve put in place.” ~Marjorie Go, AVP for Marketing of Araneta Group

This year’s event highlights a mix of virtual and online celebrity performances and performances, with strict health and safety measures implemented onsite. A pre-show was also held virtually hosted by DJ Onse, and several lucky viewers got to take home some exciting prizes from the virtual games.

This year’s Giant Christmas Tree Lighting event was graced by Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte and prominent stars like Piolo Pascual, Maymay Entrata, AC Bonifacio, and Reiven Umali (Tawag ng Tanghalan 5 Champion). Also present were Ms. Intercontinental 2021 Cinderella ObeƱita, Bb. Pilipinas International 2021 Hannah Arnold, Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2021 Samantha Panlilio, Bb. Pilipinas 2021 First Runner-up Gabrielle Basiano, Bb. Pilipinas 2021 Second Runner-up Meiji Cruz, and Binibining Araneta City 2021 Francesca Taruc. 

The lighting of Araneta City’s Giant Christmas Tree has been a fixture of every Filipino Christmas celebration for the past four decades. And as this year’s event carves a year-long milestone in the country, the Araneta Group made sure to celebrate the Giant Christmas Tree spectacle in a big way!

As part of this year’s Christmas celebration, the Araneta Group organized the ‘40 Treats for 40’ program, wherein 40 individuals received special gifts from the company. These individuals are essential workers who worked tirelessly even at the height of the pandemic.

“Despite everything that is happening around us now, we still want all people to Believe in the Magic of Christmas. We in the Araneta Group would like to share this wonderful time with some very special people. We have chosen 40 hardworking essential workers in our community who have shown dedication to their service ever since the pandemic began." ~Lorna Fabian, Vice President for Leasing of Araneta City

Mrs. Judy Araneta-Roxas, Vice President of the Araneta Group, also extended an early Christmas greeting to everyone who attended the event and watched it unfold online. "Christmas is a magical time. It gives us restored joy and a reason to celebrate even in these trying times. Today, as we light our Giant Christmas tree, we wish everyone to experience the special magic of the holidays.”

A grand fireworks display concluded the event, and signaled the opening of the iconic Giant Christmas tree to the public.

Araneta City is managed by ACI Inc, one of the five business units of the Araneta Group of Companies. With a long history of pioneer business ventures, the progressive and diversified Araneta Group is anchored on property development, food service, leisure and entertainment, and hospitality. Visit the Araneta Group's official website ( for more details.

For updates on Araneta City, visit its official website (, or follow it on Facebook (, Instagram (, YouTube (, and Tiktok ( Download the Araneta City mobile app on Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) to get the latest on promos and events.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

InLife@111 joins Lazada 11.11 festivities; launches 11.1K raffle bonanza

Joining this year’s Lazada 11.11 festivities, Insular Life (InLife) is giving away prizes to 111 lucky winners of its Lazada ad promo. At the same time, InLife is also holding an 11.1K raffle bonanza with electronic gift checks worth Php11,100 to giveaway to 10 lucky raffle winners on InLife’s website. 

This month of November, the country’s largest Filipino life insurer is holding a series of events and promotions in celebration of its 111th anniversary with the theme “The Good In Life” . 

The leading insurance company is giving away limited edition InLife jackets to 111 lucky qualifiers to their Lazada ad post promo. To qualify, simply post the comment #TheGoodInLife111 in InLife's 11.11 Lazada ad post from InLife's FB page ( 

“Joining the Lazada 11.11 festivities is our response to be continuously present in the lives of Filipinos. InLife believes in bringing out the good in every Filipino. At the core of this belief is our company’s efforts to always think of ways to empower them with easy-to-use financial tools. By simply visiting our flagship store in Lazada or by visiting our website and trying our online calculator or reading articles there that help them make financially sound decisions for their families, we know we are getting a step closer to directing them to their financial goals. The online calculator helps users know their needs to build their financial portfolio. We encourage our visitors to the website to answer the try answering the questions and discover the possibilities to grow financially.” ~Gae Martinez, InLife Chief Marketing Officer

Starting Nov. 11, 2021, on the other hand, 10 lucky Insular Life website visitors will get a chance to win P11.1K worth of electronic gift checks each by simply trying InLife’s online calculator at 

From Nov. 11 to Nov. 23, 2021, ten (10) lucky winners will be selected via an electronic raffle draw. Winners will be announced on Nov. 25 during a livestreaming on InLife’s FB page. 

About The Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd
Insular Life (InLife) is the first, largest, and only mutual Filipino life insurance company in the country with over 110 years of uninterrupted service. We apply over a hundred years of experience in financial protection, risk management, savings, and investment to help you make confident decisions for you and your loved ones. 

As a mutual life insurance company, our accountability is to our policyholders.  They can be assured of being protected by a company that has an asset base of over P148 billion and net worth of P37 billion. We have a nationwide presence in 57 branches all over the country, and an expanded digital footprint to serve our customers, wherever and whenever they want. Our success is anchored on the growth and security of our partners, policyholders and beneficiaries, because we exist to offer a lifetime for good for everyone. For more information, visit

Lesha Drops Her 3rd International Track

Lesha Drops Her 3rd International Track

“Me going independent again feels very refreshing. I’ve been longing to feel this way in my career for quite some time and now that I’ve taken my power back, I know I’m ready to finally get back on the grind, release the rest of my album, and be my most authentic self through my artistry. Being part of AWAL that houses the biggest artists of the world and my idols in the industry is a dream come true! As an artist who values freedom and the ability to fully own all my works, AWAL and I were definitely a perfect match. It’s empowering to be an independent artist under them cause I own all of my masters and have full creative control over everything! Not all artists can get accepted because AWAL only selects artists with a trajectory and notable milestones. I went through an application process and after 5 days, I got an acceptance email from the team!” ~Lesha

Fast rising electropop artist Lesha is going through different metamorphoses and it can’t be stopped.  From the girl who has manifested big things to happen, then actually working double time to achieve her set goals to finally reaping the rewards of her arduous efforts, this generational pop star is taking bolder steps to solidify her artistry through new international collaborations and affiliations

Lesha is happy to announce that she took the big plunge to being an independent artist and starting things fresh with a new team.  She’s now with AWAL, a prestigious British music distribution company, named one of the best worldwide. The company serves as an alternative to the traditional music label deal, offering deal structures to artists and independent labels without them giving up ownership or control. AWAL currently handles the world's biggest names in the music industry like Lauv, Finneas, BANKS, girl in red, deadmau5, Tom Misch, The Wombats, mxmtoon, and more!

Lesha Drops Her 3rd International Track

AWAL empowers independent artists by giving them full control and ownership over their work. This affiliation for Lesha is truly a match made in heaven.  

Likewise, she also has another good news to share.  Her newest track from her global collaboration visual album entitled “SUN MOON RISING” is finally dropping soon.  Get ready to be captured passionately and groove intensely with her upcoming single, “TWIN FLAMES”. A catchy dance song that she collaborated with international music geniuses UK Singer-songwriter - Lewis Maxwell and Bahrain Music Producer - Ghauri. Twin Flames is Lesha & Lewis' take on being in the runner and chaser stage of a chaotic yet electric twin flame connection which is thought of as one of the worst of the 8 twin flame stages.

UK Singer-Songwriter Lewis Maxwell

Bahrain based Music Producer Ghauri

Now is the best time to stay tune to Lesha’s thoughts and how this new track was brought to life through an intense soul connection idea adding a new flavor to her international album. Take some pointers and read on.

Her post-pandemic plans and her readiness to perform on a real stage. 
Most definitely, I would love to get the chance to perform my entire album for a crowd soon! I really miss the adrenaline performing for an actual audience and not just in front of a camera in my room.

The things to look forward to long term career wise.
My mission has always been to change the game of the music industry here in the Philippines and get OPM recognized globally so I am currently working towards that through my global collaborations on this album and the future releases after the album.

The most frequently asked question on TikTok. 
I always get asked about how I learned to produce my own music or how I could come up with my own beats for my songs. I’d like to think of my platform as a way for other aspiring artists to get inspired or learn from me. I honestly love sharing my knowledge so whenever someone asks me about anything music production related on TikTok I do a video response showing them how I create my stuff cause I was once in their shoes and wished there were more resources available online or someone I can turn to when it comes to being an artist and stuff.

On dominating the International Stage.
I guess I can say that I’ve been preparing my whole life for this. And no it’s not an over exaggeration haha! I’ve always wanted to represent the Philippines globally ever since I began performing and competing in the past. I just can’t wait for that moment to arrive and for the universe to hand me that opportunity soon.

On artist inspiration that she looks up to.  
I take so much inspiration from artists that know how to mold their own sound or are their own producers - I feel that the songs are more authentic and interesting that way. To name a few, I look up to Kimbra, Marian Hill, Lorde, Flume, Billie Eilish, Finneas, Troye Sivan, Lauv, The Weeknd, and Dua Lipa.

Her Motivation and Mantra.
I have a tattoo on my right arm that says “The Universe Listens”. It was my very first tattoo and it reminds me to keep myself grounded at all times and that I can literally manifest anything into my life if I allow it. It’s a reminder for me to be grateful for where I’m at and where I will be soon and it keeps me motivated knowing I have the power to direct my life and make my own choices.

On her upcoming track ‘Twin Flames’ and international collaboration with Lewis and Ghauri.
For reference, a Twin Flame is an intense soul connection, sometimes called a “mirror soul”, thought to be a person’s other half. It’s based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies. Twin Flames can run away because they’re scared about the intensity of the connection. The chaser is the more spiritually awoken twin. Runners love it when chasers keep up with the chase. This chase also triggers their healing during the Twin Flame process. Ghauri and I have been meaning to collaborate on a track for a while now so when he passed this track on to me I immediately got down to writing. A few weeks prior to writing this song I met Lewis and I fell in love with his voice. I just knew he’d be the perfect fit for this song so I hit him up and I was so glad he was down to work on the song with me.

Twin Flames' is the 3rd track of Lesha's global collaboration visual album titled 'SUN MOON RISING' set to drop in early 2022 and is going to be available on all digital music streaming platforms this November 12, 2021. Check out Lesha’s  music on Spotify or watch the official music videos, covers, and learn more about music production on Lesha’s YouTube Channel.

Enchanted Holidays at SM City North Edsa

Enchanted Holidays at SM City North Edsa

Sparkly lights of silver and gold, surrounded by the most bewitching greens… Christmas has never been this enchanting for one to see... Celebrate your most magical Christmas yet, only at SM City North Edsa’s Enchanted Holidays! 

Enchanted Holidays at SM City North Edsa

Here are some of the enchanting surprises that await our beloved shoppers:
  1. ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS TREE Featuring a grand 45-feet Christmas tree, embellished by elegant botanical species, The Block Atrium has transformed into an Enchanted Garden, towered by a large Victorian greenhouse, offering a freshly instagrammable walk-through experience for families to enjoy. Capture the experience with FREE Instax prints & 4R prints from FUJIFILM.  
  2. SM MALLS ONLINE EXCLUSIVES Shop from anywhere and enjoy a 15% OFF in-app exclusive at SM Malls Online. Choose from trusted brands and grab this deal when you order exclusively from SM City North Edsa. 
  3. GIFT MARKET Start ticking off your gift list with SM City North Edsa’s Gift Market, featuring gift bundles, family feast favorites and Christmas holideals that will surely bring home the season’s cheer.
  4. SM BEARS OF JOY SM City North Edsa brings back its annual tradition of SM Bears of Joy. Shoppers may choose from 4 bear characters: Cookie (Baker), Cammy (Vlogger), Speedy (Cyclist) & Sunny (Plant Lover). You’ll get a pair for P250, one bear for you to keep and the other for this year’s partner charity: CHILDHAUS QC.

Enchanted Holidays at SM City North Edsa

Rediscover the magic of Christmas with your family here at SM City North Edsa! 

For more information, visit, follow SM City North EDSA  on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter!

Monday, November 8, 2021

Happy Life Organics's Biggest Sale Ever!


Look nowhere as Happy Life Organics will be having its biggest one day sale! Get up to 65% in discounts or more than P1,860 in savings!

Have you ever tried an all natural product for your Home, Pets and Personal Care?

Be sure to catch them in their official online malls in LazadaShopee and Zalora.

Watch out as they mark down their best seller banner products such as the waterless pet shampoo, the first and the original no-rinse pet shampoo, that mimics actual bath without the hassle by cutting bath time up to 70%.  It's perfect for your dogs and cats because it has the benefits of the power plant madre de cacao, neem, aloe vera and lavender. 

Pets spray, an instant Pet Disinfectant, Deodorizer and Insect Repellent on the go, is perfect before and after dog/cat walks.It is safe and mild, effectively repels and kills insects, and removes odors instantly.

Pet Shampoo and Conditioner, the 2-in-1 (shampoo and conditioner), is perfect for sensitive skin. It will help repel and kill ticks and fleas leaving fur skin soft and huggable for many days. 

For your home and pet essentials, BGone LC Disinfectant is an area heavy duty Disinfectant, Deodorizer and Insect Repellent that is also a plant-based disinfectant used in Malacanang Palace to fight Covid. It effectively gets rid of mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches. It's a strong deodorizer and cleaner yet mild and gentle in formula. Additionally, it is very cost efficient as it needs to be diluted before use. More importantly, it is safe for pets, babies, pregnant women, elderlies and asthmatic children.

Alcohol is the most essential item nowadays. It eliminates germs and viruses in less than a second and protects up to 3 hours. Moisturizes hands in every application with signature fresh scent and is FDA approved.

With dengue rising up, Lotion and Mosquito Cologne is the perfect mosquito repellent protection. With two choices of either perfume or lotion based solution, both safely repel mosquitoes and are safe for babies from 6 months old and above, and even for pregnant women.

Lastly, as Christmas is fast approaching, they have many selections of Christmas bundles. Check their gift sets and grab curated gifts with Happy Life Organics. Follow the store below.

SHOP at:

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

SM Aura Premier Lights Up A Christmas To Fall In Love With

As mallgoers visit SM Aura Premier to complete their Christmas lists, they’re greeted not just by the glimmering mall decorations. An abundance of seasonally festive offerings are also in line to experience, enjoy and love.

In true fashion to the BGC-based upscale mall, saying that the holidays will be grand is something of an understatement. Going with an extravagant theme of reds and golds with shimmering bright lights, SM Aura Premier invites all to experience a Christmas that makes one feel like they’ve popped into their very own Christmas romance movie, like a wonderful scarlet dream. 

What’s so wonderful about these movies is that, apart from being aesthetically beautiful, they evoke heartstring tugging feelings of hope, wonder, joy and love. These are the very same emotions that SM Aura Premier is bringing this holiday season.

The Christmas tree centerpiece features giant red trees, Broadway-light adorned archways and larger-than-life romantic swans. Integrated into this is a safe designated dining area that’s decorated to match. The mall-based Christmas tree tradition is made more special as visitors are allowed to just admire but to also dine among and within a move set-like experience.

The opportunity to dine and get fancy is heightened with a by-reservation-only high tea service. Hosted by the mall’s newly opened store, T2, which is an Australian tea brand, will be open to accept reservations and to serve their selection of delectable teas in their exquisite teaware. The Royal High Tea with T2 will be available from Thursdays to Sundays of December 2021.

The Christmas tree set-up will also play host to a Santa Meet & Greet. The much awaited appearance of the iconic Christmas symbol of laughter and love is a yearly tradition and will return to SM Aura Premier on December 24th and 25th, 3pm onwards.

These immersive experiences aren’t just contained at the centerpiece vicinity. An equally spectacular experience awaits at SM Aura Premier’s Skypark at Level 5. At 7pm on all Sunday nights of December and December 25th itself, a jaw-dropping show will entrance and excite all who visit the Skypark’s red carabao sculpture. They can stop and enjoy the choreographed audio and visual performance, titled Nights of Dazzling Music & Lights.

All the holiday features and activities aren’t the only offerings to fall in love with. There are amazing deals and discounts from participating stores around the mall. This can even be enjoyed online through SM Supermalls’ new shopping app, SM Malls Online which SM Aura Premier is now a part of, just in time for the holidays. From November 1st until the end of December, app customers can enjoy a discount of 15% OFF when they use the special code: SMAURA.

For more information on SM Aura Premier’s holiday offerings, visit SM Aura Premier on Facebook and Instagram