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SM Prime explores potential partnership with Japanese firm for waste-to-fuel solutions

Leading real estate developer in Southeast Asia, SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SM Prime) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Japan’s GUUN Co. Ltd. to explore a potential partnership to implement waste management solutions by recycling waste paper and plastics as an alternative source of energy called ‘fluff fuel’.

Fluff Fuels are one type of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) which are produced from shredded and compressed plastics, papers, and fibers. These are used as fuels in cement manufacturing, paper mill companies, or power companies in Japan.

SM Prime Chairman of the Executive Committee Hans T. Sy is positive that a partnership with GUUN will contribute to the waste reduction goals of the country. 

“Today, Japan’s waste management and recycling technology is among the most advanced in the world. There is no better partner for SM because we do not just talk about being big, we make sure we do it; we do not talk about being environment friendly but we do take bold steps to save the environment. I am looking forward to growing with GUUN as among leaders in solving environmental issues in the Philippines.” ~Hans T. Sy, SM Prime Chairman of the Executive Committee

GUUN Co., Ltd., founded in March 2001 and headquartered in Yokohama City, Japan, piloted the production of fluff fuel from plastic waste in Inayawan, Cebu in 2014 and recently inaugurated its P200-million, 2,400-square meter waste recycling plant in Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu. 

Since then, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has adopted GUUN’s waste-to-fuel technology as a model for advanced low-carbon technology innovation for further deployment in developing countries.

“This will be a milestone partnership for us. I understand very much how important waste management is for SM and for the Philippines and we look forward to more projects we can do with the properties of SM Prime.” ~Shinji Fujieda, GUNN Chief Executive Officer

SM Prime’s initiatives for waste management include waste reduction and effective waste collection and segregation. Over the years, it has implemented programs such as Trash to Cash, Plastic Waste Collection, and E-Waste Collection that have contributed to reducing the total solid waste generation across its real estate portfolio. 

Through its pioneering Trash to Cash recycling market, SM Prime has collected and recycled 1.4M kg of plastics, paper, metals, and others in 2022. “We have saved 16,766 trees from the 986,222 kg of paper recycled,” SM Prime disclosed in its 2022 Integrated Report to shareholders. 

Meanwhile, SM’s Plastic Waste Collection program, a partnership with the Plastic Credit Exchange that was launched in February 2021, has accumulated 42,541kg of plastic waste from 14 mall sites. Also present in all its 83 SM Supermalls is the E-Waste Collection program for the responsible disposal of WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment). This drive has helped process close to 7,000 kilograms of e-waste. 

Water Sustainability: Leading the change at SM Supermalls

The ripple effect of the water crisis has reached every part of the globe. According to the World Wildlife Fund, some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year. Worst, two-thirds of the global population may face water shortages by 2025 and ecosystems will suffer.

As the gravity of these issues becomes increasingly apparent, several countries have taken significant steps to forge a more sustainable future for the Earth. Noteworthy examples include Singapore's water management plan and The Netherlands' intricate conservation practices.

Singapore’s Desalination Plant

The Delta Works in The Netherlands was built by Rijkswaterstaat to protect the country against flooding from the North Sea.

Inspiration for the Philippines

In the Philippines, a multifaceted approach has also been embraced by the public and private sectors in safeguarding and managing water resources. SM Supermalls are at the forefront of the conservation and management of water resources in its mall facilities. Its endeavors form the foundation of a more sustainable and water-secure future that the company has long been advocating.

SM's Vision: Greening the Future

SM has been recycling water since the 1990s, treating an average of 1 billion gallons of water annually in recent years, equvalent to 1,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools. In line with the SM Green Movement, SM has been continuously working towards responsible consumption and water conservation in its properties.

To illustrate, the SM Supermalls’ comfort rooms have smart fixtures to manage water flow. There are also signages in the mall that advocate wise water use. Wastewater is channeled to the malls’ sewage treatment plants that recycle an estimated total of 4 million cubic meters of water, lessening their dependence on freshwater sources for non-potable uses. SM did this even before the measure was required by way of the Clean Water Act in 2004.i

SM Supermalls utilizes recycled wastewater from the mall for irrigating its gardens

SM Malls have “Save Water” signages that typically aim to create awareness about water conservation and inspire people to take simple actions to reduce their water consumption

Recently, SM took a step further in resource management by launching the first-ever water filtration system at SM City Baguio. This facility can turn collected rainwater into potable water for mall tenant use such as washing and cooking as well as dishwashing and handwashing, allowing the mall to further lessen its dependence on the freshwater supply of the Baguio community.

SM took a step further in resource management by launching the first-ever water filtration system at SM City Baguio.

The Rainwater Treatment Facility at SM City Baguio Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong (right) samples the potable water from the SM Baguio rainwater treatment facility with SM SVP for Marketing Joaquin San Agustin (left) and SM VP for Corporate Compliance Engr. Liza Silerio (center).

SM's dedication aligns with the world’s environmental sustainability and climate action goals. Rainwater catchment basins in flood-prone areas and the rainwater filtration in SM Baguio further exemplify this commitment. These significant efforts underscore the ongoing need for sustainable practices and policies.

A Brighter Future Ahead

The journey towards sustainable water management is ongoing. SM Supermalls, through its initiatives, paves the way for a greener, more secure future. 

Learn more at SM Cares  or follow SM Supermalls on social media.

The Rainwater Treatment Facility at SM City Baguio, Baguio Mayor Benjamin Mangalong (right) samples the potable water from the SM Baguio rainwater treatment facility with SM SVP for Marketing Joaquin San Agustin (left) and SM VP for Corporate Compliance Engr. Liza Silerio (center).

SM Scholars Aspire to Share the Gift of Education

New SM scholars recently joined the contract signing event in Pasay.

"I desire to become an educator not just to fulfill a dream but also to be a blessing to the next generation. My unwavering commitment to becoming a teacher is directly inspired by the Kidz Life Ministry, a cherished initiative of our church dedicated to teaching children about God's word. I aspire to be a vessel for sharing knowledge, instilling hope, and nurturing a brighter future for the next generation. PNU is renowned for its ability to nurture exceptional teachers. As I aspire to become an educator, I also strive for greatness and excellence, and there's no better place to achieve that than at PNU. Watching, observing, and listening to her, I learned the basics. But right now, I want to ensure that my mother enjoys a good life before making such a significant decision." ~Princess Eunice Motel, SM Scholar
These inspiring words come from 18-year-old Princess Eunice Motel, an SM Scholar currently pursuing her education at the Philippine Normal University. She is one of two children of Hildajane, an on-call factory re-packer, and Richard, a set man, hailing from Caloocan City. 
Princess' dream of becoming a teacher has been a lifelong aspiration, deeply rooted in her heart and mind since her childhood. This calling became even more pronounced when she embraced her Christian faith. 

SM Scholar and aspiring educator Princess Eunice Motel

To pursue her dreams, Princess has chosen to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education at the Philippine Normal University, her dream institution.  

Following in her mother's footsteps, Jhona Bolinas is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education with English as her major. Born in Baliuag, Bulacan, she passed entrance exams at other universities but opted to enroll at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Valenzuela due to its proximity to her family.

Despite considering other career paths, Jhona opted education, drawing inspiration from her mother, who is also an educator. Driven by her love for reading and writing, she also chose to specialize in English. 

SM scholar Krissa May Oquindo (right) aspires to be a teacher for her family and community.

When asked if she plans to work abroad after graduation, Jhona keeps her options open, recognizing it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Another aspiring educator is Krissa May Oquindo. Her father, a cable technician, is the family's sole breadwinner while her mother dedicates her time to caring for the family. Krissa completed her senior high school education at the Universidad de Manila. She applied to four State universities and ultimately chose to enroll at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), known for producing graduates highly sought after by employers, as per a recent survey. 

"Being an educator has always been my passion. From the moment I set foot on a school campus, the idea of standing in front of students and sharing knowledge excites me. My passion for teaching is rooted in caring for the next generation, especially for the youth of our country.~Krissa May Oquindo, Aspiring Educator

She has selected Science as her major to deepen her understanding of the subject and to enlighten others about it. 

Krissa has no plans to teach abroad. She believes that while there is demand for teachers overseas, the same holds true in the Philippines.
Through the years, the SM college scholarship program has empowered 3,791 graduates who have enrolled in over 120 partner colleges and universities across the nation. These scholars enjoy full tuition benefits, monthly allowances, part-time work opportunities during semestral and Christmas breaks, job offers from the SM Group upon graduation, and engaging activities and enrichment programs. 
Additionally, SM's tech-voc scholarship program has produced 4,669 graduates, further contributing to the development of skilled professionals in various fields. 

SM group turns over 104th school building

SMFI School Building head, Juris Soliman (center) leads the preparation if the school building turnover.

In time for the school year opening, SM Prime through SM Foundation turned over a fully furnished two-storey building to the President Manuel Roxas Memorial Integrated School-South in Roxas City, Western Visayas.

The 104th school building made through the collaboration is built in accordance with specifications set by the Department of Education (DepEd). It holds four classrooms, each furnished with desks, chairs for left-handed students, toilets per classroom, including a special toilet for PWDs on the ground floor.

It also includes concave blackboards, electric fans, and LED lighting. Emergency lights were installed in the stairways for emergency-preparedness.

Supporting DepEd’s commitment to ensure that learners have access to water for hygiene and sanitation, SM Foundation installed a handwashing facility along with liquid soap for the community’s use.

To further assist, the SM group will help with the maintenance and upkeep of the said school.

SM scholars from Roxas City volunteer to clean the new school building ahead of its turnover

Social Good

It was earlier announced by DepEd that roughly 21 million students enrolled this school year 2023-2024. Amidst this, the agency reported that only over 100,000 out of the more than 300,000 school buildings are in good condition.

Believing in the power of education in uplifting communities, SM Foundation has been an active member of DepEd’s Adopt-a-School Program since 2002, turning over more than 100 school buildings to grassroots communities nationwide. The said program intends to address overcrowding in schools and provide an environment conducive for learning.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ready to Zoom-Back to School with your New Motorcycle?

MDPPA Shares Motorcycle Safety Tips for the New School Year 

Back-to-school season is here, and yes, it’s the time of the year again when students start preparing for a new school year that means commuting to and from schools.  

With motorcycles being a prevalent mode of transportation, educating students, parents, and even schools about motorcycle safety are crucial to promoting road safety among Filipinos. That is why, in time for the back-to-school season, the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA) in extensive partnership with Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha are here to share some essential safety tips to ensure a smooth journey to school. 

Remember the Philippine motorcycle laws. One thing about Philippine motorcycle laws is there is a lot to remember, yet every single one is strictly implemented. One of which is the Children's Safety on Motorcycle Act of 2015. It is an act that bans "any person from driving the vehicle with a child on board on public roads where there is a heavy volume of vehicles."  

But there are some specifics in this law that every rider should remember. Since some parents use the motorcycle to drop off and pick up their child, the condition is the child should be able to "comfortably reach his/her feet on the standard foot pegs of the motorcycle." The other clause to note is the child's arm should be able to reach around and grasp the waist of the motorcycle rider. They also should be strong enough to hold onto the driver firmly. Every rider needs to remember these specifics, as the safety and well-being of children should be a top priority. 

Invest in proper motorcycle safety gear. Parents should be capable of providing high-quality motorcycle gear for their children. One thing to always prioritize is providing a budget for a durable helmet to protect the child rider from head from injuries. This is also important because it is required by law (Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009) for anyone who will ride a motorcycle. 

It also pays to invest in other proper motorcycle gear like gloves, elbow and knee pads, non-slip footwear, and reflective gear such as vests and jackets for visibility, among others.    

Learn the proper way to use Motorcycle.  For many, riding a motorcycle may seem as simple as riding a bicycle. However, there is much to learn about the correct techniques, from hopping into it and maintaining the right posture to navigating various road conditions. Members of the MDPPA, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha, are developing programs that anybody may join to ensure that you receive the required education regarding traffic safety. 

Teach children about proper road safety. It helps to introduce them to basic traffic rules and regulations specific to motorcycle riders, such as proper lane usage, signaling, and obeying traffic signs and signals. Instruct them to be responsible passengers by holding onto designated handles or the rider's waist, keeping their feet on the footrests, and remaining still during the ride. Train children to be observant and alert on the road, identifying potential hazards such as potholes, debris, or other vehicles and communicating these hazards to the rider. Teach them to use designated pedestrian crossings, look both ways before crossing, and wait for a safe gap in traffic when dismounting from the motorcycle and crossing the road as pedestrians 

As the new school year begins, students, parents, and schools need to prioritize motorcycle safety. By familiarizing themselves with Philippine motorcycle laws, investing in proper safety gear, and teaching children about road safety; we can create a safer environment for students traveling on motorcycles. 

Continuing its commitment to bring safer roads for Filipino students, MDPPA  has been actively engaging students, the faculty members and school administrators with the proper ways on how to ride and maintain motorcycles, along with the relevant road safety regulations by bringing a free Generation Road Safety Seminars to select schools all over the country 

To learn more about Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA), visit its website at or check its Facebook page.  

G Chance the Raffle makes dreams come true on G Day 2023

Globe is bringing Filipinos closer to their dreams with an even bigger G Chance the Raffle this year, marking Globe’s annual 0917 festivities with exciting prizes that will fuel passions, jumpstart businesses and provide digital enablement.

In its fifth year, G Chance the Raffle is giving Globe customers a chance to cruise the streets on their very own Gogoro Smartscooter and a BYD Dolphin Pure EV with a 400 km range, giving them means to be more sustainable with transportation options.

For those bitten by the travel bug, they can picture themselves jet-setting with their travel buddy on a business class trip to Japan via All Nippon Airways with Klook credits to complete their accommodations and experiences. There’s also a chance to win a trip for 2 to Hong Kong and Singapore via Klook. These international travel packages come with a free Roaming subscription to ensure connectivity, wherever they are. Customers can also score a premium weekend getaway to Coron and Samal via Klook with luxurious accommodations from Discovery Resorts.

Those who join also stand a chance to transform living spaces into intelligent homes of the future with Globe At Home. Customers can win a total intelligent home package of mesh bundles and Xiaomi devices such as a 55" TV, soundbar, robot vacuum, and more to be installed by the tech experts of Globe Home Squad. They may also win a Kaya Mo Now package which includes GFiber Prepaid, GFiberSURF999 UNLI internet for 30 days, and a Mi 23.8" Desktop Monitor 1C.

For budding entrepreneurs and vloggers, G Chance the Raffle might just be the golden ticket to their dreams where they can win a starter pack complete with devices, subscriptions to essential business tools like Canva Pro and RUSH’s Spark Lite eStore Platform, and exclusive invitations to learning experiences from industry giants such as Canva, Meta, RUSH, TikTok, and YouTube.

And what's a raffle without a shopping extravaganza? Shoppaholics can take part in G Chance the Raffle to win a shopping spree at Puregold or amass a wealth of points and credits, including 10,000 Globe Rewards points, 10,000 Zing points, and P10,000 GCash Credits.

Joining is a breeze. With just 1 Rewards point, customers can secure 10 entries via the GlobeOne app, giving them more chances to win.

"G Chance the Raffle is not just a game of luck. It's a testament to Globe's commitment to its customers, and our prizes this year are our response to their growing aspirations and passions. In these challenging times, we want to be the bridge that connects our customers to their dreams. With G Chance the Raffle, we aim to say, let’s make your biggest dreams happen!.” ~Jerome Patalud, Head of Globe Rewards

Whether using a Globe Mobile Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, Globe At Home GFiber Plan, or Home Prepaid WiFi, customers who have at least 1 Rewards point are eligible.

For more information on the G Day events and how to participate, download and explore the GlobeOne app or visit

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Hype Alert: Burger King® collabs with Streetwear Fashion Brand DBTK

Bring Out Your Inner Street Style with BK® x DBTK Exclusive Merchandise for Burger  King® Chicken King product 

Ever wondered if fashion and flavor could go hand in hand? They totally can! Burger  King®, and streetwear brand, Don’t Blame the Kids (DBTK), tie up to bring food and fashion to greater heights this September. 

What connects these two top runners in their respective industries is their burning passion to deliver exceptional experiences, especially for millennials and Gen Z. Most importantly,  they value individuality and give everyone a space to establish, express, and grow their authenticity. 

The Burger King® Chicken King product makes you go ‘sheesh’! 

Much like your favorite high-quality and carefully designed streetwear piece, the Burger  King® Chicken King consists of a hefty golden, crispy, juicy, and meaty chicken burger patty made from whole-muscle chicken thigh, complemented with creamy mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes, carefully styled between two soft potato buns. 

Its product line currently has three offerings with a variety of selections that will hit right  on the spot for all types of Chicken Burger enthusiasts: the original Chicken King, Spicy  Chicken King for those who want to have a kick in every bite, and the limited time offer  BLT Spicy Chicken King for those who want Burger King’s take on a classic but with high  quality chicken patty and bacon. 

Flavor meets fashion with Burger King® and DBTK 

With the vision to immortalize the top-tier Chicken King experience from food to fashion,  Burger King® and DBTK gathered chicken burger and streetwear fans together, building on their pursuit of further showing their uniqueness and authenticity. 

"At Burger King®, we're all about creating unique experiences. It's not just about the food; it's about celebrating the real-life experiences of our burger fans. We believe in delivering the highest quality food that embodies these experiences. That's why collaborating with DBTK, a brand that champions individuality and creativity, was a natural fit. We wanted to bring together the Burger King® dining experience with the craftsmanship that the team from DBTK does in fashion for everyone to feel the authentic vibe of both worlds." ~John Velasco, General Manager of Burger King® Philippines 

"We are big fans of Burger King® so when we heard of the collaboration, the process of conceptualizing and creating the style and design based on the Burger King® Chicken  King was by far the easiest for us. With our shared love for authenticity and upgrading everyone’s experience in food and fashion, it all came naturally to both teams." ~Emil  Javier, Co-owner of DBTK

With the BK® x DBTK limited merchandise dropping last September 26, 2023, sizes XL and XXL are already sold out in both colors black and white. Other sizes are still available for purchase at DBTK’s flagship and satellite stores, and online at DBTK’s website. 

Experience the BK® x DBTK hype through the merchandise raffle! 

Everyone has a chance to cop the limited BK® x DBTK merchandise when they order through the BK® App! 

Here's how you can participate in the BK® x DBTK Raffle: 
1. Order any Chicken King Value Meal product. Each Value Meal purchase counts as one raffle entry. Guest must acknowledge and press the “DBTK raffle entry” button to be eligible to join the raffle. 
2. The raffle is valid nationwide from September 22 to October 22, 2023. 3. Winners will be announced on October 25, 2023! 

A total of twenty (20) lucky app winners will be chosen, with each winner eligible to win once. This promo does not apply to orders purchased with senior citizens and persons with disability cards and other types of discounts. 

Don't miss out on your chance to be one of the lucky winners in the BK® x DBTK Raffle this September. Order your Chicken King Value Meal today and get ready to win big! 

See full terms and conditions at mechanics

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Ajinomoto Working Towards A More Nutritious and Sustainable Philippines

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) shared their vision for the Philippines’ at Eat Well, Live Well Towards a Better Tomorrow, a media forum held last September 20, 2023 at Shangri-La The Fort.

The event, hosted by multi-hyphenate power mom Iya Villania Arellano, was held as part of the company’s 65th anniversary celebration and brought to light how APC aims to be a significant ally of Filipinos for many more decades to come in terms of advancing proper nutrition and sustainability.

From the discovery of umami – the fifth basic taste which paved the launched on AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning in 1909, the Ajinomoto Group has grown to be the word’s leading maker of amino acids with operation based 36 countries and regions worldwide. 

Its first landing in the Philippines was in 1958 and since then, the company has become a staple in Filipino household kitchen making delicious meals with products such as such as Ajinomoto Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix, Crispy Fry® breading mix, and Sarsaya® oyster sauce to name a few. Leveraging its amino science expertise, Ajinomoto has helped hundreds of thousands of Filipinos cook more flavorful—and more nutritious—meals.

“Since the discovery of umami, the journey of Ajinomoto Group to contribute to the well-being of society has begun.The original aspiration captured with our corporate slogan “Eat Well, Live Well” remains true to present times.” ~Koichi Ozaki, APC President

Koichi Ozaki, APC President

One highlight of the event was the “The Umami Experience” where media guests were treated to a sensorial sampling of umami-rich foods to appreciate its difference from the other basic tastes like sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. 

In line with Philippines nutrition challenges, which was the focal message of keynote speaker Miss Eloisa Villaraza, Nutritionist-Dieticians Association of the Philippines (NDAP) president, a fireside talk on power of nutrition followed suit.  This was participated by Dr. Jansen Calalan – lifestyle medical doctor, Debbie Fajarda RND – registered nutritionist-dietician and APC Nutrition Advancement Manager,  Roann Co – APC General Manager for Corporate Planning and Public Relations and Chef Sau del Rosario – renown chef.

Opening the segment on sustainability was a special message from Mr. Crispian Lao, President of the Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Materials Sustainability (PARMS).  This was followed by presentation from APC Chief Sustainability Officer Ernie Carlos detailing APC’s roadmap towards more environmentally responsible practices.

“As the global movement towards sustainable and equitable development accelerates, companies are faced with the challenge of adopting their own sustainable initiatives. At APC, guided by the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Values ASV) Principles, we see this as an opportunity to foster environmental stewardship among Filipinos in order to build sustainable communities.” ~Ernie Carlos, APC Chief Sustainability Officer

Closing out the forum was a presentation by APC Research and Development Department Head Madelin Dofiles on the unique value of Ajinomoto’s technology in terms of food ingredients contributing to the advancement of food industry’s health and wellness and sustainable procurement.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation has cemented its place in Filipino lives by being a trusted partner in our kitchens for 65 years. With new plans coming up to help Filipinos not only achieve better health through nutrition, but also live in a healthier environment, APC is setting the stage for even stronger years to follow.

The Ajinomoto Group is a global company with specialties in the business of food and amino acids, guided by our leading-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies.

Based on the corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well.”, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids in supporting the healthy lives of people all around the world. We aim for future growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness by creating value through sustainable and innovative solutions for communities and society.

The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 36 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. In fiscal 2021, sales were 1.1149 trillion yen (8.73 billion U.S. dollars). To learn more, visit

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Empowering Filipino Creators: Globe celebrates 917 GDay with learning opportunities at G Creator Con

Globe is taking the lead in championing Filipino creativity with the first-ever G Creator Con taking place during the much-anticipated G Day celebration on September 17 at The Globe Tower in Taguig and the BGC Amphitheater. G Day is a month-long celebration that mounts several events aimed at creating rewarding experiences for loyal Globe customers.

The G Creator Con, which marks the launch of Globe’s Creator Culture programs, promises a day filled with inspiration, learning, and self-expression, urging every individual to thrive in their passions. Content creation is often associated with short-form video content, but with G Creator Con, Globe aims to shatter this misconception and provide a platform for all types of creators, including photographers, filmmakers, graphic artists, and others who may want to contribute to the Philippine creative scene.

Visitors can exchange three Rewards points to enter the following events for free: G Creator Con: Art & Tech City happening in BGC Amphitheater; G Creator Con: Creator Talks to be held at Basement 1, The Globe Tower; and G Creator Con: Speed Mentorship set to be held at the 2nd floor of The Globe Tower.

"With the launch of Globe’s Creator Culture, we want to emphasize that everyone is a creator in their own unique way. Globe is committed to uplifting the lives of Filipinos, and through G Creator Con, we aim to inspire and provide the necessary tools and platforms for all aspiring creators.” ~Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Chief Marketing Officer at Globe

Dubbed the "G Creator Con: Art & Tech City," attendees can look forward to interactive booths from renowned platforms such as Kumu, NABU, Jobstreet, KROMA Creator Studio, Globe Prepaid and an intelligent home showcase at the GFiber Creator's Pod in partnership with XIAOMI.

The event will host a series of Creator Talks, in partnership with industry giants such as Jobstreet, Meta, Myx, NABU, Social Media Marketing PH, and YouTube. Attendees can gain insights from industry stalwarts such as Eva Le Queen, Jamie Herrell Pio Dumayas of the band Lola Amour, writer, actress and content creator Mela Habijan, and actresses Nadine Lustre and Pat Tingjuy.

Bitskwela's Bull or Bear debate program will also be featured, delving into relevant creator topics such as Freelancing, AI, Community Building and many more. There will also be a Speed Mentorship session with 25 mentors engaging 50 participants, facilitating deep and meaningful conversations about the creator journey.

For those unable to attend in person, the discussions will be livestreamed on Globe Virtual Hangouts.

Another activity highlight is the G Creator Con: Globe Creator House, which will give attendees the chance to get professional headshots and creative shots in collaboration with CPMP Studios. By donating at least 10 Rewards points to the Hapag Movement hunger alleviation program, creators can access the Creator House from September 17 to September 30 at the 2F Southwing Iconic above the BGC Amphitheater.

G Creator Con also showcases the future of creativity with its 5G Innovations Lab displaying works from the College of Saint Benilde's Arts and Fashion Department and cutting-edge AR/VR Innovations.

To make it easier for participants to visit the event, Global Electric Transport (GET) offers a clean transport option through their electric shuttles, with pick-ups and drop-off points at Alabang Town Center, One Ayala, and Trinoma. Pickups will be at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m., and return trips at 7 p.m., 9 p.m., and 11 a.m.

G Creator Con, which marks the launch of Globe’s Creator Culture programs, promises a day filled with inspiration, learning, and self-expression, urging every individual to realize their potential as the next big creator

Globe's mission is clear: to empower every Filipino creator, providing them with inspiration, mentorship, a venue to hone their skills, a path to growing it into a livelihood, and access to essential tools and equipment.

To all aspiring creators, it's time to fulfill your dreams. Go lang nang go and push your creative boundaries with Globe.

To learn more about Globe, visit

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Eurotel Inks 2M Partnership Deal with Aces for Shakeys Super League 2023

Eurotel, a leading hospitality brand known for its unwavering commitment to supporting sports and athletes, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Athletic Events and Sports Management, Inc (ACES), in line with the ongoing Shakeys Super League 2023.   As part of this collaboration, Eurotel has generously provided players with 2 million worth of accommodation.  
The partnership between Eurotel and the ACES underscores both organizations' shared values and vision, emphasizing the importance of sports in fostering camaraderie, discipline, and healthy competition.  Through this initiative, Eurotel aims to contribute significantly to the success of the Shakeys Super League by ensuring that players have a comfortable and convenient stay during the tournament.

“Sports have always been an integral part of our society, shaping individuals into better versions of themselves both on and off the field. At Eurotel, we believe in the power of sports to unite communities and create milestones. We are honored to support the Shakey's Super League 2023 and provide rooms to benefit the participants of this prestigious event. We believe that a sound rest in a comfortable room, like those at Eurotel, plays a vital role in a player's performance. Our partnership with ACES reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting the sports industry and investing in the well-being of athletes. It is our humble gesture of giving back to the public who have patronized and supported us throughout the year”. ~Ronaldo Sebastian, Sector Head of Eurotel

For more announcements and updates, please refer to the Official Eurotel Facebook Page at and Instagram Page at For inquiries and other concerns, you may contact their Central Reservations every MONDAY – SUNDAY from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. (02) 353-6000 Mobile: (+63) 917-5486000.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

MR.DIY Celebrates “Proudly Made in the Philippines” Brands with up to 20% off Deals

Proudly Made in the Philippines is not just a promotion; it's a movement that encourages Filipinos to embrace and celebrate the brands of their own country. By choosing Local Brands, we not only support our fellow Filipinos but also contribute to the growth of our nation's economy.

As September ushers in the spirit of patriotism, MR.DIY invites Filipinos to embrace and celebrate LOCAL BRANDS with the "Proudly Made in the Philippines" promotion. 

Supporting Filipino Brands, Supporting Local Growth

At a time when the global market is flooded with imported items, the "Proudly Made in the Philippines" promo proudly shines a spotlight on local brands and their diverse range of products recognizing the expertise, dedication, and ingenuity of Filipino Brands. This promotion spans various categories, including essential goods, household items, furnishing, car
accessories, pet accessories, and much more.

Discover “Proudly Made” Local Brands at ALWAYS LOW PRICES

Car Care:
Microtex Tire Black 250ml
Microtex Sunshield 300ml

Pet Needs:
Pet Food Bowl 28 Small (16.5cmx6.5cm)
Dog Stripe Shirt Sando in Sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5

Storage Essentials:
Decobox 15004-2 (78 liters, Black)
3J Tall Woven Basket 819 (Black)

Household Stock:
Femme PT Interfolded 175P Table Napkin
Sanicare BT 4S 400SH 2PLY Kitchen Towel

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About MR.DIY
MR.DIY is one of the largest home improvement retailers with more than 2,000 stores across Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, India, and Europe in Turkey and Spain. The home improvement retailer has dedicated itself to making a positive difference in the lives of its valued customers by offering convenience at all its stores nationwide.

All MR.DIY stores are managed directly, and the company often works in collaboration with other mass merchandise retailers or owners of malls or shopfront properties. MR.DIY stores offer a wide selection of — approximately 18,000 SKUs — across 5 major categories, namely hardware; household and furnishing; electrical; stationery and sports equipment products; and others (comprising amongst other toys, car accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics).

The company strives to put customers first by operating an innovative business that is flexible when it comes to providing a wide variety of products, good quality, and value for money, holding true to the company’s motto of “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”. Visit for more details.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Globe loves you back! Why Globe is the most ‘rewarding’ brand

As your Mobile leader, Globe shows immense appreciation to its loyal customers with its innovative Rewards Program. After all, in the world of Globe, every user is a star who deserves a little extra sparkle!
Globe Rewards is more than just points and vouchers.  It's a heartfelt embrace from Globe to its vast user community, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who chooses Globe.

Here are the ways you’ll feel the love from Globe:

Use more, get more rewards!
Every interaction with Globe, from a simple reload and monthly Postpaid usage, to broadband plans and Prepaid WiFi, is a ticket to a whirlwind of points. It's Globe's way of ensuring that your every moment with the brand translates into a treasure trove of delightful surprises.

Unlock a universe of Perks with the GlobeOne app!
The GlobeOne app is a passport to a realm brimming with rewards. Check out a vast array of offerings, from indispensable life essentials, delectable food options, shopping extravaganzas, health and wellness perks, to the adrenaline rush of gaming and entertainment.
And the fun doesn't stop there! With countless ways to utilize those hard-earned points, every day turns into a celebration. Whether it's snagging a coveted reward, grabbing those limited-time flash deals, or simply using points to indulge in over 100 partner stores nationwide, you have easy access to endless possibilities.

A heart that gives
But Globe's vision extends beyond just rewards and treats. It's about making a tangible difference. Globe Rewards opens up a pathway to philanthropy, allowing you to help your favorite charities by donating your points. It's a gentle reminder that while enjoying these benefits, there's also an opportunity to touch lives and create ripples of positive change.
Globe's Rewards Program is a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to its customers.
Learn more about Rewards by visiting the GlobeOne page.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Enjoy your morning and afternoon merienda with Snacktime Favorites

Switch things up by bringing your favorite chocolate-y snacks for a family merienda at the park

There are moments in a day where we suddenly feel like munching on a snack. So, it’s best to have your favorites ready when the urge kicks in.

If you’re on the lookout for delicious snack options for you and your loved ones, Jack ‘n Jill has got you covered. From cookies that bring delight to ate, kuya and bunso’s morning breaks, up to the crackers that mom and dad can enjoy during their afternoon merienda, there’s Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites for every member of the family.

Here’s how you and your family can enjoy classic (and NEW) Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites:

Make morning and afternoon merienda more delightful with Jack ’n Jill Snacktime Favorites

Early morning class recitation and work presentation

Gearing up for a work presentation or class recitation? Snacking can sometimes give you that boost of energy that you need to help you think on your feet. For the little ones who usually have their recess as early as ten in the morning, a must-have is the crunchy bite-sized cookies, Presto Nutty Bites, in Peanut Butter and Choco Peanut flavors. While for the teens who usually take their merienda break at around three in the afternoon, there’s Presto Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich to munch on so they can recharge before their next class starts. Both snacks are made with real peanuts for that sweet and nutty flavor. 

For mom and dad, a pack of Oat Krunch paired with their morning coffee might just be the combo they need to get them ready for their day. This fiber-rich cookie product is made by Munchy’s, one of Malaysia’s leading biscuit brands.

Have a sweet morning break with your delicious combo: the NEW Oat Krunch Cookies and your cup of joe

Doing chores at home

If you feel like your hours are repetitive when you’re doing your chores at home, a pick-me-up treat might just be what you need. Take a break and savor the linamyum palaman of Magic Creams Choco that can make your break time magical.

Have a magical quick break with Magic Creams

Staying in and streaming

With several online streaming sites becoming more accessible, families can now watch the shows they want anytime. If you’re setting up an afternoon of fun movie marathon with your loved ones, be sure to prepare Lexus Cheese for the kids, Magic Flakes Sweet Buttermilk for teens, and Dewberry Yogurt Cake in Blueberry and Strawberry variants for adults. These are new snack offerings from Jack ‘n Jill that will surely level up the fun as you binge-watch your favorite shows.

Complete your bonding moment with the family with the NEW Lexus cookies, Dewberry Yogurt Cake and Magic Flakes Sweet Buttermilk. 

Sports days with the kids

For parents who take their children to sports workshops, it’s best to have snacks like Cheesy Knots and Magic Junior Cheese on hand, that the kids could eat in between lessons or matches. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy a pack or two of Magic Creams Cheese.

Don’t forget to bring delicious cheesy snacks, like Magic Junior Cheese and Cheesy Knots, that your kids can enjoy while you’re outdoors

Outdoor hangouts with the fam

While some families spend their weekends at home, others prefer to go out and enjoy outdoor activities such as visiting parks or strolling in malls. To make outdoor bonding moments even more delightful, you and your family can bring delicious snacks. The kiddos will surely love Lexus Choco Coated Cookies, which are crackers coated in sweet chocolate. Ate and kuya, on the other hand, can indulge on the choco-covered cake snack, Quake Overload. For the Cream-Oholics, there's Cream-O Cake Bar, a cream-filled chocolate cake bar with chocolate chip toppings.

Make your days more delightful with Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites’ wide range of options. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy its variety of biscuits and cake products anytime, anywhere. So, be sure to stock up and grab these must-have munchies from your nearest supermarket, sari-sari store, or online stores such as Lazada (

Jack ‘n Jill Snacktime Favorites is from food and beverage giant Universal Robina Corporation (URC) – makers of well-loved Pinoy brands such as Great Taste, C2, and other Jack ‘n Jill treats such as Piattos, Maxx and Cloud 9. To learn more about URC, visit its website at