Sunday, August 15, 2021

Happy Life Organics ( HLO ) Launches Waterless Shampoo for Pets

Happy Life Organics waterless shampoo

Starting the month right, Happy Life Organics ( HLO ) launched the Waterless Shampoo for pets.

For sure that there are a lot of questions that will enter your mind regarding the product and here are the answers to it:

WHEN: When in need of a quicker, safer, innovative and plant bath alternative against chemical actives in a shampoo for pets.

WHY: First in the Philippines and 100% natural and pet friendly! Provides convenience, less effort and less time in every bath. Saves 70% of bath time every time you use Happy Life Waterless Shampoo. Perfect for a quick bath and for those on the go. You can still groom your pets even your in a hurry or during cold/rainy seasons. Helps relieve pets suffering from skin and fur irritations such as but not limited to: wounds, bad odor, itchiness, scaling, mange, allergies, dandruff, hotspots, inflammation, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, redness, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

HOW: As easy as 1-2-3!
1. Shake and spray generously directly to pets fur and skin from head to paws to tail.
2. Rub, lather and enjoy this special bonding with your pet.
3. Wipe dry with a clean towel and be amazed of the benefits you provided and the time you saved!

Happy Life Organics waterless shampoo shampoo and pet  conditioner

Happy Life Organics also specializes on  LC Industrial, a five in one product for pets as disinfectant, deodorizer, cleaner, insect repellent and insecticide, that is made only with natural and organic ingredients. A gallon goes a long way, when diluted with water it can yield up to 11 gallons of solution.

The solution can be used for disinfecting pet areas, repelling and killing harmful insects and making any pet area smells clean and fresh while keeping our pets safe.

They also have   Shampoo and Conditioner for pets like dogs, cats and rabbit which is plant based and natural that combines the great benefits of Lavender, Aloe Vera, Neem and Madre De Cacao.

Happy Life Organics waterless shampoo

Last but not the least, HLO  Pet Spray is considered as an all in one spray for pets formulated for ticks, fleas and mites problem / for Disinfecting wounds, scratches and itchiness &  for deodorizing pets on the go and in and out of the house.

So what are you waiting for. Experience the true meaning of a Happy Life with your pets.

Available in their company website:, LAZADA, Shopee and ZALORA: Happy Life Organics on Facebook and Instagram 2 Physical Stores: Quezon City: 50 Esteban Abada in Waze Bulacan HQ Address: 1634 Mayumi St, Santa Cruz, Santa Maria, Bulacan.  Also available in top Vet Clinics in the country.

Hotel Sogo embracing the new normal: Innovation that lasts

Covid Sniffer Dogs for Screening of Employees

The impact of Covid-19 has slammed businesses and different industries instantly in just a short period of time, despite the efforts made in making the economy move forward, there are still businesses and establishments that feel its continuous effects just like in the hospitality industry. 

These affected businesses has doubled its efforts to develop and adapt to the new normal by following heightened safety measures and investing on technological advancement for the protection of all guests and employees, just like the largest and fastest-growing Filipino-owned hotel chain in the country did across all of its branches.

“Here at Hotel Sogo, we are trying on things to help improve the situation in our hotels as early as March 2020 last year. From that point on, we continued to research, invest further and develop innovative ways to upgrade our safety protocols especially in cleanliness and sanitation.” ~Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Manager 

Aside from the enhanced new normal protocols such as no contact fixtures and thermal scans, some remarkable changes and innovations that the Hotel Sogo management applied across its branches such as, UVC disinfection in rooms, lobbies, and air-conditioning units, increased ventilation, microbial testing (method to indicate the presence and amount of microorganisms), Covid sniffer dogs, reduced touch points, and application of anti-microbial coatings in frequently touched surfaces. 

Through Hotel Sogo’s 11 So Safe Innovations, the safety and wellness of guests as well as its employees are set first.

This on-going pandemic has helped us to take further steps in giving importance to safety. The innovation that I speak of are the development and improvement of amenities that revolves around the 4 major ways to prevent the spread of the virus and protect our guests like reduction of touch points, improve air quality, disinfection and testing. It is important to test all these protocols to make sure that all these innovation are really effective to keep our guests safe; we want our guests to feel safe and secured whenever they stay at Hotel Sogo. We will continue to protect our guests and develop more upgraded protocols even after the pandemic.” ~Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Manager 

  • More than just a hotel
Aside from the hotel innovations that has implemented, Hotel Sogo is also ramping up its effort in helping fellow countrymen through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Sogo Cares. Hotel Sogo is helping indigent communities who are in need of basic necessities, such as food, medicines and water. 

Recently, we donated food packs with linens and towels to the fire victims at Manila. We also donated essential needs such as bottled waters, linens, pillows, surgical masks, pillow cases, and mattresses to the Philippine General Hospital with the help of AFP and we also gave assistance in different community pantries in Bulacan and Quezon City. Our team will definitely help those who are in need in these trying times. Even this time of GCQ, Hotel Sogo is still accepting frontliners, essential, repatriated OFW, seafarers and economic workers across all Hotel Sogo branches. We are also accommodating those who prefer long-term stay for their work purposes.” ~Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Manager 

Over the course of six (6) years, starting from 2015, Hotel Sogo through its Corporate Social Responsibility program Sogo Cares has conducted over 400 medical missions with 100,000 plus beneficiaries, led over 600 donations with more than 170,000 beneficiaries.

For more details, visit or like and follow Hotel Sogo on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram ( 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Caritas Manila taps tech for good platforms Mayani, GrabPay to foster online giving for underprivileged youth

(Mayani) Tuloy Aral with Caritas  Manila, Grab, Pilipinas Shell Foundation

In the context of the ongoing pandemic that has brought more families deeper into poverty, digital platforms have been repurposed to leverage their reach and scalable capacities to soften the economic downturn’s impact on the poor and the vulnerable.

Carrying this impact thrust, Caritas Manila – the lead social service ministry of the Catholic Church in the Philippines – is co-launching the Tuloy Aral Project to support the food needs of over 5,000 youth scholars from the poorest communities in the country, while supporting the livelihood of rural smallholder farmers through technology. 

Also spearheading the project is GrabPay, the leading e-wallet of super-app Grab, and Mayani, an impact-driven ag-ecommerce platform with over 28,000 smallholder farmers, including the Pililia farmers of the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc (PSFI).

“For the past 60 years, Caritas Manila has been actively shaping total human development and assisting the needs of the unfortunate members of our society through mission-driven partnerships. This project firmly complements our Youth Servant Leadership & Education Program (YSLEP), while concurrently extending our alleviation outcomes to our local farmers by sourcing the donated food packs from them.” ~Fr. Anton Pascual, Executive Director of Caritas Manila

YSLEP, which covers the children of the displaced workers due to the pandemic, aims to put them through college and technical vocation education, while giving them necessary means and basic support like food as they complete their schooling.
“While technology is the core enabling engine for mobilizing broad online support for Tuloy Aral, its impact components are very social and two-fold: helping farmers at the grassroots and supporting the basic nourishment needs of the youth scholars. We are glad to play a fundamental role in making this happen, especially now when it matters the most.” ~JT Solis and Atty. Ron Dime, the Co-Founders of Mayani, whose farm-to-table play has been revolutionizing the agricultural supply in the country
Mayani, who now powers the fresh produce value chain of the likes of Shell, Robinsons, and Waltermart, among others, is a long-standing partner of GrabPay with the latter serving as it’s e-wallet of choice in the Mayani ag-ecommerce site. Their existing collaborations include the ongoing Online National Food Fair for Cordillera farmers with the backing of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Grab will be signal boosting Tuloy Aral via its mobile app starting this August leading to the Mayani ag-ecommerce site with various curated vegetable, fruit, and rice boxes that the market can choose from and donate. Mayani will reinforce the online traction-building for the project by employing all its digital channels as well as key billboard sites across Metro Manila with HDI Adventures, its ad-tech lead partner.

The fresh produce in each box will then be harvested by farmers in Pililia, Rizal under PSFI’s Integrated Farming Bio-Systems program, consolidated by Mayani, and then delivered to Caritas Manila for eventual distribution.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Lesha, Dubbed as a Filipina with Global Sound


The universe has its way of telling us to pursue our passion, do hard work, put all your heart into it and attract positivity. For fast rising electropop artist and music producer Lesha, being guided with this belief has led her to sincerely build her dreams, work doubly and soon, everything she manifested will come true. 

The law of attraction seems to have instilled into Lesha’s perspective and how it completely helped her achieve what she has envisioned early on.  Once again, she is making things happen in her favor as she finally launches her debut album entitled Sun Moon Rising this coming August 6, with the title track ‘Sun Moon Rising’ dropping on the same day.  There are a lot of exciting things that is yet to unfold as the other album tracks with different global collaborators are set to drop in the next coming months.

Get to know more of Lesha’s pursuits as she reveals her innermost thoughts on her path to self-discovery, gaining artistic prowess and fulfilling her purpose.

On being a staunch believer of manifestation.
“I started realizing this gift as soon as I was learning how to write my own songs at 13 years old. Majority of the songs that I’ve written in the past were predictions that I’ve manifested or possibly just about to manifest into my life. The way the universe communicates with me is through my songs and that’s basically why I chose to name this album SUN MOON RISING because it is in relation to the entire concept of astrology and how the universe works to communicate with us human beings. All of the songs in my upcoming album are an artistic manifestation of my different walks in life and it also touches on how I see the world from my point of view which I feel hasn’t been expressed that well in my previous releases.”

On being a standout and being able to inspire.
“I guess what sets me apart from all the other artists out there is that I’m not just your typical singer/ performer. I am also my own music producer, songwriter, director/editor, and marketing strategist. Something that isn’t normal for many rising female artists today especially in the Philippines. Ever since I started pursuing music as a professional career, I always told myself that I aspire to be an inspiration to the youth or aspiring artists through my artistic process and of course, my music. From the beginning I knew I wanted to be in control of my sound and my songwriting. I hated the idea of not having creative control over my work or me having to rely on other people to help me make music. Although I still experience a lot of trial and error along the way, but this is how I grow as a producer and really find ways to mix and match different musical styles & genres that inspire me and integrate it into my music which is how I get to create music that is unique to me and distinct to my listeners.”

On finding her own beat and having that global sound.
“I started releasing my original tracks and song covers on Soundcloud and YouTube back in 2013. I would play around with GarageBand, a bunch of iPad apps, and I would write songs for fun and post them! In every song I covered, I added my own twist by chopping up my vocals and create an EDM-ish drop which quickly became a signature sound of mine. My unique remixes of my song covers is what made me gain popularity as a cover artist on YouTube. This later on lead to me winning local and international talent competitions and has opened opportunities for me to work with many international producers who are good friends of mine and involved in the making of my album, SUN MOON RISING!”

On working independently.
“I’ve always been known for being very DIY with my entire artist process because aside from being self-taught in music production, I did the same with film. As a budding artist back then, I knew I had to find a way to also know how to shoot and edit my own music videos to help me promote my music in the future. Being the very geeky techie person I am, I again started learning how to work with cameras and editing software through tutorials on YouTube. All of my music videos uploaded on my YouTube channel are filmed in my house and edited by me with a little bit of help from my family. For college, I took up Marketing Management because I know this is also a very crucial part of being successful in this industry. I did social media management freelance and also interned as a digital marketing strategist. I basically had to learn all the loops in my career so I don’t get taken advantage of in this very brutal industry.”

On global collaboration. 
“On this album, I was able to bring in my collaborators from all around the world (producers & artists from the UK, USA, Seoul, Barcelona, Bahrain, and Italy) to work with me on this very special project. It was a very collaborative process and it was a breath of fresh air working with these insanely creative minds. Through this record, I was able to mold my sound and really showcase my capabilities as a music producer and songwriter. I worked on this record from the backend to the front and I’m really proud of myself for that.”

On pushing one’s passion.
“If being in the music industry is something that you really want to pursue, by all means go for it and put your heart into it. Artists that have that grit and passion for what they do will definitely make it farther, so be prepared for the struggles you’ll have to face cause this industry is tougher than it looks. I myself started out DIYing everything as an artist (which I still do to this day) so I believe anyone could do the same as long as there is willingness to learn and there is a clear goal. There will always be people who will have opinions about you or your work which is something I learned the hard way. You have to know how to segregate the hate from constructive criticism. Keeping this in mind really helped me grow and give myself a reality check from time to time. Sometimes all you need are people who truly believe in you and your capabilities in order to succeed.”

SUN MOON RISING Album under Star Music is coming soon with the first track “SUN MOON RISING” (carrier single) dropping this August 6, 2021 on all digital music streaming platforms! Watch as we unveil each track included in the album every month! You can check out Lesha’s  music on Spotify or watch the official music videos, covers, and learn more about music production on Lesha’s YouTube Channel. Check out Lesha’s official page to know more updates.