Friday, January 25, 2019

Get first dibs on the Honor 10 Lite exclusively on Shopee

Shopee users can get the new Honor 10 Lite for only Php 8,491. Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, once again partners Honor to launch its latest premium smartphone, the Honor 10 Lite. Starting January 25, over 21 million Shopee users in the Philippines can enjoy an exclusive 15% off the new Honor 10 Lite, a refreshed variant of the hit Honor 10, available at just Php 8,491 instead of the usual Php 9,999. In addition, a limited special bundle featuring an Honor Band 4 Running, Honor Gift Box, and an Honor foldable luggage worth Php 3,000 in total will be up for grabs for the earliest buyers of the Honor 10 Lite on Shopee.

“Honor was consistently among the best-selling brands on Shopee throughout 2018, highlighted by the immense success of the Honor 10 flash sale on Shopee in June. Our ongoing Super Gadget Zone Sale, which ends on January 25, has also done very well and we are excited to build on this momentum with the exclusive launch of the Honor 10 Lite. As the demand for premium tech products continues to grow in the Philippines, Shopee will bring even more unbeatable deals on leading brands to our Filipino users in 2019.” ~Martin Yu, Associate Director, Shopee Philippines
The Honor 10 Lite comes in three colors: Sapphire Blue, Midnight Black, Sky Blue. 

(L-R) Vincent Zhang, Honor Representative, Martin Yu, Associate Director Shopee Philippines, Miguel Bonifacio, Honor Representative
“We are very proud of the new Honor 10 Lite, and we are very excited to partner Shopee for its debut. Honor has grown our online presence rapidly since joining Shopee in 2018, with our orders increasing by over 350%, and we believe this partnership can reach even greater heights in 2019. Honor is always focused on providing consumers with top quality and innovative mobile devices, and we are confident the Honor 10 Lite will be a big hit on Shopee Philippines.” ~Wang Yang, Country Director of Honor Philippines
Boasting a stylish gradient finish on the rear and a minimalist dewdrop display notch, the phone continues Honor’s streak of inspired designs that have been a huge hit in the country. From January 25, Filipinos can be the first to get their hands on the Honor 10 Lite exclusively on Shopee.

Honor 10 Lite
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About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.

Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

My White Card Mobile App Launch

As a mother, I always make sure that I'm 8n good health and taken good care of my wellness for my kids. Thank God My White Card is finally here. 
"Wellness cannot be achieved in only a few, seldom visits. MAintenance and religious monitoring are essential for one to achieve health and wellness goals. We realize, however, that some people are put off by the cost and inconvenience of setting regular appointments and visiting health and wellness specialists. To bridge the gap between maintaining a lifestyle of self-care and staying within a budget,, we launched My White Card which offers enormous savings for members at the convenience of their smartphones." ~Ms. Anne Ricardo, CEO of My White Card

My White Card Mobile App was launched last January 24, 2019, at Manila House in BGC. Attended by different guest form the health and wellness, even beauty industry and was hosted by the ever beautiful M. Ruffa Gutierrez. 

My White Card allows members to enjoy exclusive deals from clinics headed by highly recommended doctors and specialist. It has three types of membership cards such as:
  • Elite Membership - Php 7,999.00 / year
  • Premium Membership - Php 11,899 / year
  • Luxury Membership - Php 25,000.00 / year

A health, wellness, and beauty card with the benefits of having unlimited discounts conceptualized by Sante Primera Corporation to address the need of Filipinos to achieve and sustain holistic health within their lifestyle and means.

My White Card allows members to enjoy exclusive deals from clinics headed by highly recommended doctors and specialist. The My White Card Mobile App is available for download for iOs and the Google Play Store. Enjoy introductory prices of 50% off when you sign up for a membership.

Visit My White Card website at and My White Card Facebook Page at for more information and the latest updates.

PROMAMA unveils Baby’s First Gift to You via an Artwork!

I remember when I last got pregnant with my youngest it was more easier for me since I already know the feeling including the pains and aches during pregnancy, giving birth, and even after my baby is in my hands singin' to him while I put him to sleep. For me my Baby's First Gift To Me was when I hear him cry because then I knew it was the sweetest music I could ever hear such a lullaby that even everytime he cries out so loud I just smile and thank god that I had him/them both of my 2 son's Lehynhaj and John Carlos.

Motherhood is indeed one of the best things that could happen to every woman it may seem so weird and hard but the process is precious and will linger in memories. That is why when I got invited to be part of PROMAMA unveils Baby’s First Gift to You I got excited especially when I get to see and meet happy and blooming pregnant mommies last January 22, 2019, at Shangri-la the Fort. For a change been to 2 different mommy bloggers event for a brand of milk for kids but this time it's for mommies like me especially for expectant/pregnant mothers. It was an event that aims to provide expectant moms a gift like no other. An experience that allows her to see a real time first gift ever from her baby. The Baby’s First Gift to you device detects the movement of the babies in the womb and translates it into an artwork.

“Expectant moms would be surprised to know that the baby’s brain is up to 25 percent developed already, by 28 weeks. By using the Baby’s First Gift technology, moms will be amazed by their baby’s development while in the womb since they will see how their baby’s movement can create artworks, uniquely created just for them. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life and is a reminder of the gift of motherhood—and the need to ensure maternal and fetal health. By choosing the right maternal milk, expectant moms can help their babies get the best start in life so they can have a bright tomorrow.” ~Ms. Jong Icasiano, Wyeth Nutritionist

To help give your child a strong start, you can start drinking Wyeth PROMAMA, a low in fat delicious vanilla tasting nutritional milk drink designed to support pregnant women during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation. One of the guests of the event is celebrity mom Ms. Patty Laurel who shared her personal experiences during her two pregnancy and it was nice to know and hear her stories because every pregnant mommy have different experiences and it's like everyone got a moment to share theirs too.

It is scientifically formulated with the essential nutrients needed to help support the overall health of both mom and the baby’s physical and mental development in the womb. It contains 5 key brain nutrients such as Folic Acid, DHA, Choline, Iodine, and Iron and it is now with fewer calories and higher Oligofructose (vs. the previous formulation) to help prevent constipation.

Lucky to the pregnant moms now because they get to experience their baby's first gift to them via an artwork of their babies kicks and keep it as a memorable blessing.... Hmmm makes me think is it time to get pregnant again hahaha I just hope the next one will be a baby girl. ^_^

To know more about PROMAMA and its products, like the PROMAMA Philippines official page: or visit the website at

Friday, January 18, 2019

Reshape your mindset, reshape the future

As a mother of 2 boys (Lehynhaj and John Carlos) I have a lot of questions in mind on how I will raise and prepare my child to be future-ready in this ever-evolving world. Achieving an optimal growth mindset begins with optimal nutrition. Nestle NANKID id giving parents the opportunity to be able to foster a holistic and continual growth of a child in all aspects - emotional, nutritional, physical, psychological, and social development, through Parentology+: The Reshape Effect Forum happened last January 15, 2019, at Whitespace Makati.

Nestlé NANKID executives, along with parents, moderators, and speakers unite to #ReshapeTheFuture by fostering an Optimal Growth Mindset.
Nurture your child and provide them with nutrition that could help them ensure their future a brighter one with lots of possibilities.

Children nowadays are fast learners they easily catch up with what is said unto them.  Failure is life’s greatest teacher but few parents want their children to experience its pains. In today’s increasingly complex world, raising children can be a challenge for parents, most of who would not want to see their children experience difficulties.
"Nestle understands that children and their parents face a complex reality, which is why parents should have the tools that will help them pave the way toward their children's optimal growth and development. Nestle NANKID provides the optimal nutrition which is essential to growing children's needs. Coupled with supportive care from parents who allow their children to learn from every opportunity, Nestle aims to let parents reshape the future, today." ~Ms. Jean Espino, Vice President for Marketing, Nestle Premium Milks
Parentology: The Reshape Effect forum was joined by Nestlé Philippines Inc. Chairman and CEO, Kais Marzouki.
Recognizing that parents need support in reshaping the future of their children, Nestlé NANKID utilizes expertise with advocacy, to help reshape the future for the next generation, with Parentology+.

Kids actively learning and having fun at Parentology: The Reshape Effect held in Whitespace Makati.
Kids actively learning and having fun at Parentology: The Reshape Effect held in Whitespace Makati.
The forum aimed to help parents better understand their role in reshaping the future of their children. Hosted by the Philippines’ premier talk show host, Boy Abunda, the event was joined by well-known parenting experts from the international and local scenes.

Among them were Melissa Benaroya, LICSW, a renowned parent, coach, and speaker from Costa Rica whose extensively studied the Growth Mindset movement. In addition, Melissa aims to be able to share unique strategies on raising children; Didi Manahan, MSEd, a progressive learning advocate and co-founder of Keys School Manila, where she serves as head directress, and Dr. Josephine Sunga, MD, FPPS, MSc, pediatrician and epidemiologist who champions nutrition as a key ingredient towards children’s optimal development through her research.

Parent, coach, and speaker from Costa Rica, Melissa Benaroya, LICSW talked about honing an optimal growth mindset among parents and children during the Reshape Effect Forum on January 15 held at Whitespace Makati.
Ms. Didi Manahan, MSEd, a progressive learning advocate and co-founder of Keys School Manila, gave a lecture on setting the foundations for success to parents and guests at the Reshape Effect Forum.
Pediatrician and epidemologist --- Dr. Josephine Sunga shared ideas on reshaping a child’s future through proper nutrition during the Reshape Effect Forum held in Whitespace Makati last January 15, 2019.
Some of the activities were “Reshaping Your Language”, where participants learned that adults have power over how our language can affect kids. Phrasing statements to curiosity questions can help the kids get a feeling of being included in the decision-making.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the development of a child. Without providing proper action, a child’s diet may greatly affect his or her overall growth. However, despite the potential health risks children may face due to the environment or because of genetics, there are ways parents can prevent these from happening and help ensure their children are not restricted to achieve their full potential for the future.

Indeed, embracing challenges and opening up possibilities are a child’s greatest teacher, and with an optimal growth mindset, backed by optimal nutrition, parents can help reshape their children’s future so they can become the best version of themselves.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to foster optimal development through optimal nutrition and an optimal growth mindset. Help #ReshapeTheFuture today. Check out Parentology+ at Trinoma Mall on February 2 and 3. Visit for more details.

Powdered milk drinks suited for healthy children above 3 years of age, and are not breastmilk substitutes. NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR are formulated with optimized protein to ensure optimal weight advantage and optimal development advantage, NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR also contains partially hydrolyzed whey, clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies.

Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!

Promil’s philosophy is to instill the importance of not only proper nutrition but also proper parenting and guidance to fully support a child’s proper growth and mental development. This is in line with the brand’s advocacy of actively involving parents in helping nurture the gift of their child.
Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Having 2 very active boys makes me wonder, what will they become when they grow up? But I thought to myself minsan lang sila magiging bata gusto ko eenjoy nila kasabay ng pagenjoy sa kung anumang gusto nila tahakin paglaki nila. Well, indeed I have my own personal dreams for my kids but it is for them to decide and discover their own talents wherein they will excel.
John Carlos and Lheynhaj Menor
Some parents let their kids explore wherein their talents appear naturally, some would love to write, paint, color, take photos, build puzzles, etc., each child is born with a talent and those different activities that you bring your kids into can unlock their potential which is just waiting to be discovered. From singing to acting, and anything in between, your child’s gift can be nurtured through Promil Four’s i-Shine Talent Camp 7, a summer talent development program in partnership with experts to help kids 6-11 years old become their very best.

Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Promil Four launches the newest season of its talent development program, get ready to discover and develop your child’s talent and passion. The i-Shine Talent Camp 7. As the brand stays true to its mission of nurturing the gift, the next generation of awe-inspiring kids will be guided to reach their full potential in the fields of performing and visual arts through mental, physical and social stimulation workshops.

Theater Camp by Audie Gemora
Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Art Camp by Teachers Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay from Papemelroti
Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Dance Camp by Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G Force
G Force for Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Kids ages 6 to 11 can enjoy a whole new level of fun and experience interactive learning with Promil Four’s i-Shine 7 featuring Art, Music, Dance camps, and its two new camps, Theatre and Ballet. These camps are managed by the finest experts/mentors of the country. Teachers Robert Alejandro and Kara Escay from Papemelroti will coach the Art Camp, Maestro Ryan Cayabyab returns as the camp master for the Music Camp, while Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of the G-Force Dance School leads the Dance Camp. Furthermore, Audie Gemora heads the Theatre Camp, whereas Lisa Macuja-Elizalde guides the Ballet Camp.

 Ballet Camp by Lisa Macuja-Elizalde of Ballet Manila
Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Music Camp by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab
Mr. Ryan Cayabyab for Promil Four iShine Talent Camp 7: Discover and nurture your child’s talent!
Shaira Luna “Promil kid” a self-taught freelance photographer shared her skills and talent during the launch. Shared some photography tips during her Creative Documenting & Scrapbook Making Workshop. 

Shaira Luna
Hosted by seasoned actress Dimples Romana, who has been hosting the i-Shine Talent Camp ever since its beginning.

Hosted by seasoned actress Dimples Romana
Promil Four i-Shine 7 Camps will run from April to May 2019 and will be administered not only in different cities around Metro Manila but also in more locations around the country like Batangas, Cebu, Davao to allow kids outside Metro Manila to experience what i-Shine has to offer.

As it is important to hone and encourage kids’ talents at a young age, there will be a grand recital after the camp duration to showcase what kids experienced and learned during the camps.

Know more about i-Shine and reserve a camp spot for your child now! Visit for more details.

Since 2009, Promil Four’s iShine Talent Camp has continued to evolve in helping mothers nurture the gift of their children by providing experts in various fields who personally design the summer talent camps for the children. Promil’s philosophy instills the importance of not only proper nutrition but also proper parenting and guidance to fully support a child’s proper growth and development.