Friday, January 25, 2019

PROMAMA unveils Baby’s First Gift to You via an Artwork!

I remember when I last got pregnant with my youngest it was more easier for me since I already know the feeling including the pains and aches during pregnancy, giving birth, and even after my baby is in my hands singin' to him while I put him to sleep. For me my Baby's First Gift To Me was when I hear him cry because then I knew it was the sweetest music I could ever hear such a lullaby that even everytime he cries out so loud I just smile and thank god that I had him/them both of my 2 son's Lehynhaj and John Carlos.

Motherhood is indeed one of the best things that could happen to every woman it may seem so weird and hard but the process is precious and will linger in memories. That is why when I got invited to be part of PROMAMA unveils Baby’s First Gift to You I got excited especially when I get to see and meet happy and blooming pregnant mommies last January 22, 2019, at Shangri-la the Fort. For a change been to 2 different mommy bloggers event for a brand of milk for kids but this time it's for mommies like me especially for expectant/pregnant mothers. It was an event that aims to provide expectant moms a gift like no other. An experience that allows her to see a real time first gift ever from her baby. The Baby’s First Gift to you device detects the movement of the babies in the womb and translates it into an artwork.

“Expectant moms would be surprised to know that the baby’s brain is up to 25 percent developed already, by 28 weeks. By using the Baby’s First Gift technology, moms will be amazed by their baby’s development while in the womb since they will see how their baby’s movement can create artworks, uniquely created just for them. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life and is a reminder of the gift of motherhood—and the need to ensure maternal and fetal health. By choosing the right maternal milk, expectant moms can help their babies get the best start in life so they can have a bright tomorrow.” ~Ms. Jong Icasiano, Wyeth Nutritionist

To help give your child a strong start, you can start drinking Wyeth PROMAMA, a low in fat delicious vanilla tasting nutritional milk drink designed to support pregnant women during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation. One of the guests of the event is celebrity mom Ms. Patty Laurel who shared her personal experiences during her two pregnancy and it was nice to know and hear her stories because every pregnant mommy have different experiences and it's like everyone got a moment to share theirs too.

It is scientifically formulated with the essential nutrients needed to help support the overall health of both mom and the baby’s physical and mental development in the womb. It contains 5 key brain nutrients such as Folic Acid, DHA, Choline, Iodine, and Iron and it is now with fewer calories and higher Oligofructose (vs. the previous formulation) to help prevent constipation.

Lucky to the pregnant moms now because they get to experience their baby's first gift to them via an artwork of their babies kicks and keep it as a memorable blessing.... Hmmm makes me think is it time to get pregnant again hahaha I just hope the next one will be a baby girl. ^_^

To know more about PROMAMA and its products, like the PROMAMA Philippines official page: or visit the website at

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