Saturday, December 21, 2019

TKB by Tanduay Celebrates the Holiday Season with Free Shots for Diners of Five

For the entire month of December, TKB by Tanduay offers a free flight (four shots) for diners of five.

“We always come up with seasonal selections and since this month is all about celebrating and merry-making for us Filipinos, we have chosen to reward our diners with our TKB shots. They can choose whatever flavor they want. This is why we have partnered with Tanduay, a truly Filipino brand. Through this partnership, we were able to create unique offerings such as our rum-infused food and drink selections. Japanese and Filipinos share the same love for good food and drinks. And here at TKB by Tanduay, we want to celebrate that.” ~Karen Roque, TKB by Tanduay General Manager 

Drop by TKB stands for The Kushi Bar by Tanduay in Ayala Avenue, Makati City. If you’re looking for a place to hang out and enjoy authentic Japanese food infused with rum and a wide selection of cocktails you won’t find anywhere else with friends and colleagues this holiday season. TKB offers shots, deliciously-flavored cocktails infused with Tan-duay Dark and Premium White Rum.

The TKB shots selection includes the Aomori (apple wasabi), Tokushima (ginger calamansi), Kumamoto (watermelon basil), Miyazaki (cucumber basil), Nagano (lemon apricot), Ehime (green apple and kiwi), and their newly-introduced rambutan rum-infused shot.

The Kushi Bar, and it specializes in kushi (skewered) selections creat-ed by Japanese chef Yuri Amami, the first female Japanese chef in the Philippines. Roque recommends that diners enjoy them along with their kushi selections, which now have items using ingredients that are popular with Filipino diners.

We Filipinos are such enthusiasts for Barbecues or anything fried, grilled, or steamed as long as it’s on a stick. Japan also has its version of the ever-so-popular “BBQ” and they call it “Kushi”. These kushi selections are meant to be enjoyed plate after plate—just like how Filipinos dine, its taste will remind you of Filipino BBQ but with a Japanese touch. Kushi is the skewers Japanese use to hold or pierce their food, either made of steel, bamboo or wood.  All reasonably priced.

  • Gyubara (beef tenderloin)
  • Reba (chicken liver)
  • Hotate (scallop)
  • Hatsu (chicken heart)

Roque shares that the idea behind TKB by Tanduay is to promote Filipino dining through Japanese food. This is what makes the restaurant different from other Japanese dining concepts in the country. TKB by Tanduay likewise supports Filipino farming as it sources most of its ingredients from local farmers. The restaurant also uses organic ingredients, and its coffee is 100% Philippine-made.

Invite your friends, your family and even your loved one and enjoy a dine-in evening with a  shot of Tanduay.

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