Tuesday, April 2, 2019

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition 2019

School’s out! What better way to spend their free time than doing fun learning activities that promote great values. Let your kids experience the new and improved McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition. Experience a new journey where they will use their creativity and imagination to explore the wildlife adventure.

My two boys Lehynhaj and John Carlos had so much fun during the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition happened at McDonalds NXTGen, Mckinley Taguig. They get to make their own Cheeseburger and get to experience taking orders at the cashier area and gives the orders with a happy smile to customers.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is on its the 27th year, its tradition of making learning an adventure for the kids and giving them a unique and memorable experience at McDonald's. The kids get to sing, dance, and et their creative juices flow with different activities that make for a memorable summer vacation experience.

Kiddie Crew Workshop starts on April 8, with various workshop schedules you can choose from. The weekday workshop runs for 5 days with each day lasting for 2 hours while the two-day weekend workshop lasts for 3 hours per session. You're sure to find a schedule that will best fit you and your kid's summer activities. So get your kids ready because the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop is back, and this year, kids can experience an exciting adventure of fun and learn with the Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition!

Kiddie Crew Workshop Php 695.00 for the weekday
Kiddie Crew Workshop Php 595.00 for the weekend

So gear up your kids up for an exciting summer adventure with McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop: Explorer Edition. Enroll your little explorers in the McDonald's store nearest you and give them an unforgettable summer experience. To know more about the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop, visit https://McDoKiddieCrew.com.

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